Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Breathe....

Hello Luvs,

I hope that your week has been as wonderful as ours in regard to weather. I know that some friends were caught with snow (which she was actually digging) and rain. We have a bit of an overcast morning then some rain later. It is very lucky that I picked up some wickedly cute (pic coming later!) Bandha boots in black from PTA Thrift Shop yesterday. They are going to compliment anything I put on today.

The reason for posting for you now is the celebration of my Baby Girl turning 13. She was born at 9:14 in the evening on March 19, 2003. It was a tough time bringing her into this world. After two days in the hospital with them trying to bring about labor (because of extremely high blood pressure) I managed to not have to deal with a c-section. I will spare you specific details of the nightmare (and later bliss at finally seeing my little peanut) of having an epidural gone wrong. My male readers just might stop in their tracks and not read further. Maybe someday I will share it.

Today my heart beckons me to just breathe, so I decided to make it the title of my ode to Jalen Monique Wilson. You have not seen a clear direct picture of her face (my choosing) other than the image below, but going back through blogs and pictures you can feel her essence.

Just Breathe

Memories come rushing back
Just breathe
Tears burning my cheeks 
Remember to breathe
Coming into the world
Mama Bear and Cubs....Happy Birthday
J-Mo, Peach, Peanut, Baby Gir!
I spoke those words
Through many books
Jazzed up nursery rhymes and now pop
I've seen
You grow, express, and explore
This world ever bright yet sometimes dark
I label myself
Mama Bear
Because that is what I am
My dear
The confidant, advocate, and cheerleader
Abruptly chopping down those
Who would do you harm
As I loosen the reigns
It is my FEAR
For your health and well being
That I hold so dear
As I watch you now
Again come my tears
I again remind myself
Just breathe is the time to laugh, cry, and beam for the young lady I call Baby Girl. For she will always be that to me long after she has started to carve her own path. I feel pride and joy. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Til next time,


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