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Are Human Beings Inherently Good or Bad?

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Todays' blog was brought about by a question Baby Girl asked this morning. The question was if the Hubster and I think that human beings inherently good or bad. We had a lengthy conversation about what we each thought. It is not a black or white question or answer for me. I wanted to share with you what part of the conversation was along with some thoughts I have.

Have you ever thought about this?
I feel (and I believe for a lot of other people) as if each person is born with a blank stance/slate. Once we are here we are exposed to parents who have their own way of going about things. We witness their behavior in regard to anger, hang ups, prejudices, fears, along with things that bring them joy. 
No child is born with a hateful bigoted mind. That is something that parents and others us model. Babies do not really see the differences in skin tone until (in many cases) someone else points it out. Children are extremely perceptive and recognize when others switch to the other side of the street, move to a new place to avoid someone, say harsh words under their breath, and are positively jovial and larger than life hugging someone they adore.

Do you control your outlook and/or
But let's take this to another level. What about the people who end up doing very bad things? Things that stand out as blatantly wrong. By all accounts they had an ideal unbringing. They are well liked and popular. However, there is something that drives them to cross that line. Whether they harm themselves, another person, or an animal they go to that extreme. Now we are speaking about someone's mind. They have that need for destruction and chaos. In no way do I claim to know why, and I would not even begin to guess. Some would say they were born that way and somehow that trigger was flipped on and that something was just below the surface.
I could not agree more!

One of the parts of our conversation was if Americans have fully embraced the 'Me' mindset and are driven to look out only for ourselves. When researching other nations that are developed and have specific means to enable all citizens a quality life....we deny that. Many people would look the other way when witnessing another in need. When research shows that once you reach $70,000 a year you are at a place where you can have your needs met. Going above that amount does not make us more happy or content. Still there are people who quite frankly exhibit behavior that shows that they will never be satisfied. They are not people who will look out for struggling individuals that are present in their lives. It does not matter whether they are acquainted and/or related to them. They are how they are....and trust me, their children continue that cycle. 
Can you answer that question?

Right now we are given a front seat to bigotry and racism that many felt in their hearts but did not openly show it. Last night while having a conversation with a friend who is older than me she said, "This reminds me of 1968!" What....what.....WHAT is going on? This country touts how far we have come. Obviously it is not even close to where we thought. The fact that we elected an African-American (in its truest meaning) you would think that we are beyond this. But then I see a video of a crowd yelling and pushing a teenage girl at a Trump rally. Then another pushed and yelled a Trump rally, And guessed it....a young man punched AT A TRUMP RALLY!!! All at once I am angered, frightened, flabbergasted, and saddened. This is the U.S. as it truly is. No more rose colored glasses.
What a BEAUTIFUL rainbow!

So, what do we do? We have (along with many I know) tried to teach our children to have pride in themselves and who they are. To embrace the differences they see in others. We emphasize that others have trying things they experience and to have empathy. That is much different than trying to welcome someone who would have you harmed simply because of the color of your skin. 

Where is the balance? Every day it shifts and changes. Having an open heart abd becoming someone who feels that it is our responsibility to treat others as if they are part of our village. Look out for others and help them avoid harm that is lurking around the corner. Many small voices can become a loud scream (get the Horton reference?) for change if we try.
Through the hang ups of others this has been stripped
away! Is it too late to get back to this mindset?
I believe it is not!

So what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think that we as Human Beings are born good or evil? Do outside influences affect us to a level where we take on their bias and passion? I would LUV to hear what you think!

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