Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hello Luvs,

On to another week we roll. The time has slowed for me because I have been concentrating on being in the moment. It is true what they say about it. Every minute is precious and should be treasured. So, today I give you my thoughts on just that....or the piece could go another direction(ya never know!). Let's find out together shall we?


A piece of my heart 
Remains frozen in time
Given by Baby Boy then placed for the
enjoyment of the next passerby.
Filled with dreams and thoughts
Of where I can truly find
A chunk of my mind 
Is dorment
On a setting that keeps me focused
On the single task of 
Yet I now know it is
Not hers and not his
To judge, then adjust, and finally brand
The one thing I have always been
With my smiling eyes
A giggle too loud
A pierced lung with no air
Just knowledge that I can
With a step or a leap
Constantly listening
To the beat of this heart within
That will always remind me that I AM

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