Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What the? Wednesdays....

Hello Luvs,

So, I am finding it hard to get this out earlier in the day. The weather has been heavenly, and we have been trying to take advantage before the rain comes. It will start coming a bit tomorrow. I should be more disciplined...but I am not. Well, at least for the next few days.
Luv my new app...collage city!

Before I explain why I am not sharing a throwback picture I thought I would touch on how this week has made me feel guilty. I know how often we take family vacations, (which is not often) but I still feel bad that others are not in a position to ever take a family break together. Tough times lead to tough decisions. Whether or not you pay the light/water bill, put food on the table, or be late with rent. These are choices I have had to make. I know many are in that place right now even though they work just as hard, or even harder, than I do. With the joy and bliss I feel I remember that others are not so blessed in this moment.
The dreamy jacket that started
it all.....

Because of this I have decided that as a family we need to do even more. Helping others in your community and the rest of the world should be on everyone's bucket list. After deciding this my heart feels less heavy. Anyone who knows me will tell you where I stand in regard to helping the lessor than. I have been in their position, and I recognize the need....

Comfy tee and bright red
skirt complete the look!
Ok, that being let out I will now explain why I am using my current finds in today's 'What the?' blog. Simply put, I forgot to bring a picture. It is as simple as that. I will be back to sharing them next week. For today I am modeling a grey t-shirt with chevron strips, a bright red skirt made for twirling, my fav black boots, and a red motorcycle jacket (which I have worn everyday) which I also picked up here.

Bring on the stripes
It is really important to be able to express our personalities in what we wear. Because we change and grow our style tends to change along with that. It is such a glorious thing to be able to do. Rocking something to show off your arms pr legs......the cashmere sweater that brings out our eye color...the blouse that shines along with your dark skin.....or that jacket that makes you feel both warm and bad*** the moment you put it on.
Breeze and twirl ready....

Being able to do this is unique and in my opinion necessary. The world is full of restrictions, rules, and standards. Fitting into someone else's opinion and box should not be our priority. You might think that it is easy for me because I am an artist. In some ways it is, however I know people who teach and run companies among other things. What you do to express yourself does not need to be the same as are your canvas and it works better for you in your situation. It could be something as functional as your socks or bag. Baby steps are pretty easy, and you might realize very soon that it is fun to change up your hair, earrings, and bags. I know from my time doing wardrobe consulting that what helps you succeed is taking that first step. If you need a steady hand to help you do that reach out to me and we can set up a video chat.

The finished outfit once paired
with my fav boots and plaid socks.

Til next time,


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My do I admire you!

Hello Luvs,

It is late in the day, but I thought I would still share some thoughts I had earlier during our family walk. Actually...I should say subject. As you read through the piece the subject might appear to be one person, place, of thing to one reader and something completely different to another. I encourage you to let these thoughts float over the fences and barriers of your mind...eventually reaching your individual (or similar) conclusion. That is, that we ALL can find beauty in something which is attainable only for a split second. I hope you enjoy!

My do I admire you!

Courtesy of Dunes Real Estate
With the pressure of time you harden
The ripples of skin foreign to me
I walk then slide until I stop
Not by choice but by fear
Fear of something I still do not understand
How can the sun reflect off of you so bright
Then insist on drying you in place
Being my first time experience
Of something I was clearly missing
I will glide, hop, and press my toes
For you are accepting of the 'Me" I am
No judgement...just padding
That allows my ankles to rest
I apologize for the ignorance I held
For you are worth admiration in life 
And with every breath

Til next time,


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why Materialism Bums Me Out....

Hello Luvs,
Had to take a bridge underwater
to get to the Airbnb...

I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday whatever your religious beliefs are. By itself Sundays have been the sole day we have the Hubster each week. So, I have a little bias when it comes to what should be done. Whether we sleep in, make brunch and stay in, go out, or a Museum visit is scheduled we try to make the most of it.

Today's blog is about something we have been dealing with on a consistent basis. We have significant differences in regard to our upbringing, but several similarities in the way we survived it. We are finding over time that there are so many approaches/philosophies we have to life that has come to the forefront.

Neither of us is a big money maker or spender. Growing up very poor I put myself on a track to do something that would ensure financial stability and a legacy that I could leave for my children (if I had any down the road). I just KNEW I would be an attorney. They would never experience what I did. Then I went to a party and met Blanca Apodaca (with whom I would later form the band Milk n' Honey). My life went on a path that was the polar opposite of what I had planned. I embraced my creative side and there was no turning back. Going down this path has led to experiences I would never change and growth spiritually through music. However, it has also led to financial insecurity. Anyone who is an artist, writer, musician, or any type of entertainer knows exactly what I mean.

However, even though the Hubster and I have had some tough times resulting from health issues and surgeries we have made sure that our children have all they need. Not everything they want (though many times they find a way to get it even if it is from birthday money or for us to hold onto for Christmas). Why did I feel the need to write about and share this today? Well, though we have modeled an environmentally focused (recycling/reducing/repurposing) lifestyle and the need to look toward the future of our planet we find our children are not on the same page. Not only are they not on the same page but they are on a completely different line of consciousness. The need to buy, buy, buy is branded into their psyches. We prefer to live in a way that does not go to excess no matter what it is. There is no way we are comfortable seeing this grow and thrive in their minds.
Princess Goldie came with
us this time!

We are often left looking at each other and saying, "What did we do wrong?" We know that they have their own minds and are exposed to peers who feel that the car you drive, the shoes you wear, and the balance in your bank account is everything. This is the standard line of thinking for most Americans. Many simply saying that everyone does it. Most times they say this even when they acknowledge that it has detrimental affects.
A large group of seagulls around.
This one put on quite a show.

Why does that strike a King Kong sized pounding in my heart? If my children (with parents who try to instill a mindset of less commercialism) still fall prey to this mentality then what chance do other young minds have?

I am curious (if you would be so kind as to share) what your approach is with your children? I (we) never claim to be all knowing, and the wisdom/alternatives offered that might lead to a more successful outcome are MORE THAN welcome. It will be an uphill battle for sure. One of the MAJOR reasons why we want to go nomadic and expose our children to other ways of doing things is to show a different path. We want to encourage them to be free thinkers in regard to their footprint. We are a village and looking out for each other is a priority for not only my family but all the people around us.

Till next time,


**P.S. These pics give a quick snapshot of the first half day of our Spring Break getaway. Airbnbs allow us to drive to our destination location. We also save by not going out to eat as instead. Being budget conscious we have found this to be a great option. Many places offer a discount for a weekly or monthly stay. If you want to see more pictures of our time here (most times I do not put up all of them) please follow me on instagram and twitter @katsmeoww11.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What the? Wednesday....

Hello Luvs,

It is that time again! I have another pic to share and some insight into why my grand celebration went sideways. We set ourselves up by holding onto an expectation that really has no chance of coming to fruition. Yet we try....

The picture I am sharing is again from my time in San Francisco. I started playing guitar when I moved, did an open mic, landed a regular gig at a historic haunt (rushed to put togehter a band), and met friends that changed the course of my life. 
All about the hair, attitude, and my girls!

I constantly speak of being a village person, and how each of us can truly bring some positivity all while looking out for others. The friends I met in San Francisco along with those whom I had known previously (from Orange County) made up my village. It never escapes me the bonds we forged and our willingness to go to extremes for each other.

The two beautiful Women pictured are Mihwa Jarvis (formerly Riggs) and Roz Arnold. I count them as two of my all time favorite people who inspire while keeping me humble. Both are far away, (Hawaii and Ireland respectively) but nothing could change my love and appreciation for them.  

Mihwa was friends with several of my Orange County peeps and I got to know her very well while in S.F. So much so that I had planned to move to Hawaii with her (til I met the Hubster). She is a kindhearted fly by the seat of her pants kind of Gal who can light up a room while Salsa dancing across the floor. There were many nights when Mihwa charmed me into going Salsa dancing with her. This style of dance with lots of leg, arm, and hip movement is now ingrained into my psyche. We danced our way across Costa Rica (not literally!) while I destroyed the Spanish language. 

Roz is my Irish firecracker. She has a wit that is dry and insanely comical all while batting those increibly long eyelashes. Come on...look at that pic! She is a bad*** take no prisoners Vamp! I met her through a mutual friend, and we immediately hit it off. There is a no holds barred openness she has. Roz can charm, entrance, cut down, or make you laugh so hard you cried. When support was needed she was always there and still is (if we are able to connect). I dream is that when we go nomadic I am able to somehow make it to Dublin.

Now...the clothes and hair! I am finding out that this blog will be a little longer than I expected. This picture was taken at a time when I would do bantu knots in my hair. I would then let it dry and build these crazy spirals that defied gravity. I was also using peroxide to get me hair crazy orange. Funny story....I was wearing crazy baggy bell bottoms, a concert tee, an orange backpark that was shaped like a bean, along with 4 inch platform boots when a cop stopped me and asked for i.d. He said that there was a woman matching my description that they were looking for. Not to be big headed...but if you saw a pic of me that day you would say simply....YEAH RIGHT! I was headed to work and he held me up for about 15 minutes. Anyone who knows San Francisco and has walked from The Tenderloin (one block east of Great American Music Hall) up to Filmore Street (Sweet Inspirations) knows that the incline can be a witch (sub that with a curse word please). When you are in a groove climbing that and have that momentum abruptly stopped as a policeman comes running toward you know that my mellow was harshed. I lovely friend Lea Brown made the outfit. I themed the party black and white, and I was the only one allowed to wear red. With crazy tall hair, a Chinese Princess outfit, and jewels under the eyes I was ready to go.

So, where did the party so south? I am going to make this quick because I already put enough negativity into the previous paragraph. Let's just say that the mutual friend that introduced me to Roz was a slightly unstable drama filled energy sucking person. Her drama became THE drama for the evening (about half way through). If I followed the philosophy that I live by now I would have distanced myself from the start. Anyone who fills your life that way should not be part of it. You can care about that person and wish them the best without punishing yourself by not removing them. As you both grow wiser hopefully you can reconnect.

I thought this blog would be shorter and more about that night...but as I wrote it changed. Hope you didn't mind going on the journey with me. There must have been a need to express my love for two wonderful....amazing....dynamic....hilarious....and yes BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who have made me what I am...and that is GRATEFUL.

Til next time,


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Breathe....

Hello Luvs,

I hope that your week has been as wonderful as ours in regard to weather. I know that some friends were caught with snow (which she was actually digging) and rain. We have a bit of an overcast morning then some rain later. It is very lucky that I picked up some wickedly cute (pic coming later!) Bandha boots in black from PTA Thrift Shop yesterday. They are going to compliment anything I put on today.

The reason for posting for you now is the celebration of my Baby Girl turning 13. She was born at 9:14 in the evening on March 19, 2003. It was a tough time bringing her into this world. After two days in the hospital with them trying to bring about labor (because of extremely high blood pressure) I managed to not have to deal with a c-section. I will spare you specific details of the nightmare (and later bliss at finally seeing my little peanut) of having an epidural gone wrong. My male readers just might stop in their tracks and not read further. Maybe someday I will share it.

Today my heart beckons me to just breathe, so I decided to make it the title of my ode to Jalen Monique Wilson. You have not seen a clear direct picture of her face (my choosing) other than the image below, but going back through blogs and pictures you can feel her essence.

Just Breathe

Memories come rushing back
Just breathe
Tears burning my cheeks 
Remember to breathe
Coming into the world
Mama Bear and Cubs....Happy Birthday
J-Mo, Peach, Peanut, Baby Gir!
I spoke those words
Through many books
Jazzed up nursery rhymes and now pop
I've seen
You grow, express, and explore
This world ever bright yet sometimes dark
I label myself
Mama Bear
Because that is what I am
My dear
The confidant, advocate, and cheerleader
Abruptly chopping down those
Who would do you harm
As I loosen the reigns
It is my FEAR
For your health and well being
That I hold so dear
As I watch you now
Again come my tears
I again remind myself
Just breathe is the time to laugh, cry, and beam for the young lady I call Baby Girl. For she will always be that to me long after she has started to carve her own path. I feel pride and joy. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Til next time,


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What the? Wednesday

Hello Luvs,

Better late than never....right? Crazy day filled with many, many classes and meetings galore. Great things are happening in regard to my business and currently we are making plans for both Spring and Summer Break. Locking down Airbnb spots in two VERY different locales are the next priority. I will be sure to check in and let you know how that goes.

Someone should have said, "Kathryn...enough
with the belly flashing!"
As for the Airbnb we are in now. Well, I can honestly say that I feel more at home here than I did at our rental of 3+ years. There is something to be said about not being thrilled to return to a space that affects both your mood and health. To have someone care about your well being often times does not align with being driven by money. It has been something that has followed me around like an anchor that has now transformed into beautiful wings that encourage me to fly. When I find somewhere safe to land it makes the journey all the more fulfilling.

So, the pic I am sharing with you is from the time I was in a band called 'Milk n' Honey'. There were six of us. It was Blanca (sang along with me), Laura (rhythm guitar), Theresa (base), Sara (drums), and Lani (lead guitar) who unfortunately only slightly shows on the right side. It was a time of self expression, beach trips, jeep adventures, musical growth, bonding with likeminded musicians, low-rise pants (many of which were made by Laura....such a multi-talented Lady), and most of all making friendships that will endure the test of time.

Til next time,


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hello Luvs,

On to another week we roll. The time has slowed for me because I have been concentrating on being in the moment. It is true what they say about it. Every minute is precious and should be treasured. So, today I give you my thoughts on just that....or the piece could go another direction(ya never know!). Let's find out together shall we?


A piece of my heart 
Remains frozen in time
Given by Baby Boy then placed for the
enjoyment of the next passerby.
Filled with dreams and thoughts
Of where I can truly find
A chunk of my mind 
Is dorment
On a setting that keeps me focused
On the single task of 
Yet I now know it is
Not hers and not his
To judge, then adjust, and finally brand
The one thing I have always been
With my smiling eyes
A giggle too loud
A pierced lung with no air
Just knowledge that I can
With a step or a leap
Constantly listening
To the beat of this heart within
That will always remind me that I AM

Monday, March 14, 2016

Try to Keep it Real....

Good Morning Luvs,

Daylight savings time always messes me up! I especially have issue with fall back. To get the brain working I thought I would try to write an ode of trail/inspiration. Not sure how cohesive it will be. Shall we see? Just rhymed two sentences...a little worried about the quality...oh boy!

Try to Keep It Real

Through temptation you might say
You've been lead astray
To a place you had not forseen
Laid bare like the tree stripped
of its bark.....
A place that swallows your dreams
It doesn't matter the foundation
Laid down
The soul filled with chaos
A heart that hovers above us
We know and we see
Just what we need to be
But you've been led astray
To this place beams
Of nightmares unseen
I see you
I know you
I am the person above you
Reaching down
Pulling you up to say 
Keep it real
The masses may scream
Call you obscene
Though your heart is stripped bar
Withered from lack of care
Just know....
I see you 
I know you
When all is uphill
Your only option is to
Try to Keep it Real....

Til next time,


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family time done right!

Hello Luvs,

Oh My Picasso....
Happy Sunday...! Sunday is the only day each week that we have the Hubster to ourselves. Unfortunately he had to work part of the day. However, we still found time to do some fun things. It is always nice to really take your time at meals and have animated conversations where the topics run the gammit.

Before I fill you in on our day I thought I would give you an update about our living arrangements. The cottage is really suiting us. Whenever we move to a new place I always try different routes the first week to find out what will get us where we need to go quickly yet safely. I found that the time driving REALLY matters. Once that was taken into account I have realized that we are in a pretty good location expecially in regard to the schools I teach.

One thing we love about this house/triplex (if you are not sure what I mean pop back to one of my previous blogs). It really feels European. The decor and arrangement it what does it. Having a smaller table means using smaller plates and/or bowls which encourages us to eat smaller portions. The size has also been really easy to keep clean. The owners had landscapers come by and the yard looks amazing, The only thing that is an absolute pain is the construction. It is still going on. Can you believe it? Not knowing about this before signing on was a bad deal. The Hubster put it out there (in a nice roundabout way) to the owner's rep. and there was nothing done. If I was the one who worked at home and had to feel the house vibrating I would have been a little (ok...a lot) more stern and found a way to at least get a discount. That is the thing about being a unit. Sometimes things are done a bit differently by the other person. There has to be a give and take and understanding in regard to how things are handled. Then ultimately you have to decide what you want to dig your heels in about and what you need to let go.

Ok, that being said...let's get to the good stuff. I am going to throw a lot of pictures at you from our two main stops. We had breakfast at home and hung around the house until about 12:00. Our first stop was the Original Q Shack. The food is pretty awesome. We usually get both the brisket (with 2 sides) and the pound of wings with 2 sides and split them. The sauce is crazy hot for me but I LOVE it!. The kids usually get a kid's brisket plate with fries, hush puppies, and a cookie. Below is the link so that you can check out the menu yourself. If you are ever in the area you NEED to stop by. If you are in the mood for tacos Nana's Tacos is right next door.

First up was the Nasher Museum in Durham. There were a few new exhibits that were amazing. I took a few pics from those along with a couple of favorites.

One of the blooming trees we came
across on our walk to the Nasher.
Who doesn't like a caption?

I love the colors in this one!
This is an interesting read and explains
the black and white nude-->-->
She is a STUNNER and LOVE
the outfit!   
Kool Kat!


Love in Africa...

Now the N.C. Botanical Gardens!

Baby Boy playing a wooden xylophone

A stump is a stump is a stump..

He greeted us at the garden entrance!

Little Fairy Family

Is she riding a slug????

Surrounded by a house of twigs

I see you!

Witnessed birds snacking on this...

Outside in...nature industrialized

The nest house I spoke of!

Man's mark...leaf block

Til next time,

Mama Bear and Baby Boy!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Are Human Beings Inherently Good or Bad?

Hello Luvs,

Todays' blog was brought about by a question Baby Girl asked this morning. The question was if the Hubster and I think that human beings inherently good or bad. We had a lengthy conversation about what we each thought. It is not a black or white question or answer for me. I wanted to share with you what part of the conversation was along with some thoughts I have.

Have you ever thought about this?
I feel (and I believe for a lot of other people) as if each person is born with a blank stance/slate. Once we are here we are exposed to parents who have their own way of going about things. We witness their behavior in regard to anger, hang ups, prejudices, fears, along with things that bring them joy. 
No child is born with a hateful bigoted mind. That is something that parents and others us model. Babies do not really see the differences in skin tone until (in many cases) someone else points it out. Children are extremely perceptive and recognize when others switch to the other side of the street, move to a new place to avoid someone, say harsh words under their breath, and are positively jovial and larger than life hugging someone they adore.

Do you control your outlook and/or
But let's take this to another level. What about the people who end up doing very bad things? Things that stand out as blatantly wrong. By all accounts they had an ideal unbringing. They are well liked and popular. However, there is something that drives them to cross that line. Whether they harm themselves, another person, or an animal they go to that extreme. Now we are speaking about someone's mind. They have that need for destruction and chaos. In no way do I claim to know why, and I would not even begin to guess. Some would say they were born that way and somehow that trigger was flipped on and that something was just below the surface.
I could not agree more!

One of the parts of our conversation was if Americans have fully embraced the 'Me' mindset and are driven to look out only for ourselves. When researching other nations that are developed and have specific means to enable all citizens a quality life....we deny that. Many people would look the other way when witnessing another in need. When research shows that once you reach $70,000 a year you are at a place where you can have your needs met. Going above that amount does not make us more happy or content. Still there are people who quite frankly exhibit behavior that shows that they will never be satisfied. They are not people who will look out for struggling individuals that are present in their lives. It does not matter whether they are acquainted and/or related to them. They are how they are....and trust me, their children continue that cycle. 
Can you answer that question?

Right now we are given a front seat to bigotry and racism that many felt in their hearts but did not openly show it. Last night while having a conversation with a friend who is older than me she said, "This reminds me of 1968!" What....what.....WHAT is going on? This country touts how far we have come. Obviously it is not even close to where we thought. The fact that we elected an African-American (in its truest meaning) you would think that we are beyond this. But then I see a video of a crowd yelling and pushing a teenage girl at a Trump rally. Then another pushed and yelled a Trump rally, And guessed it....a young man punched AT A TRUMP RALLY!!! All at once I am angered, frightened, flabbergasted, and saddened. This is the U.S. as it truly is. No more rose colored glasses.
What a BEAUTIFUL rainbow!

So, what do we do? We have (along with many I know) tried to teach our children to have pride in themselves and who they are. To embrace the differences they see in others. We emphasize that others have trying things they experience and to have empathy. That is much different than trying to welcome someone who would have you harmed simply because of the color of your skin. 

Where is the balance? Every day it shifts and changes. Having an open heart abd becoming someone who feels that it is our responsibility to treat others as if they are part of our village. Look out for others and help them avoid harm that is lurking around the corner. Many small voices can become a loud scream (get the Horton reference?) for change if we try.
Through the hang ups of others this has been stripped
away! Is it too late to get back to this mindset?
I believe it is not!

So what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think that we as Human Beings are born good or evil? Do outside influences affect us to a level where we take on their bias and passion? I would LUV to hear what you think!

Til next time,


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What the? Wednesdays

Hello Luvs,
Yes....both are me!

I was thinking that I might try out something new. Each Wednesday my blog will feature a regular theme. I will upload pictures from throughout my journey of self-discovery (of which I am still on). I have gone through many styles which continue to shift, change, and blossom. Most of my choices were lost on my loved ones. They simply fell back on "It looks like Kathy." Often times it would be something I had already left behind. They tried though...which said a lot. 

We all go through awkward phases (wonky to think of those who don't) that hopefully leave us with little nuggets of wisdom. With these pics you get a small glimpse of me searching for my light via fashion. Expressing yourself through your clothes is something that not only spans generations, but continents, genders, and so much more.

The two pics I am sharing today are from my time in San Francisco. Both show just how scattered and adventurous I was. There is a tomboy and rocker chic in all of us. They both exist in varying degrees. 

This was around the time I went skydiving
The blue nails gave me courage.....
The 'ska' grafitti pic was done by the lovely Brittan Blasdel. She is a Woman of many artistic talents. When we became friends she was doing a lot of photography. Now she does pieces using thumbtacks. They are amazing! Oh, and I am not biased! Ok...maybe a bit.

You can check out her original works at and follow her on instagram @brittanblasdel. 

Those were shiny grey fake leather
pants also by Mantrap...I KNOW!!!!
The second is by Amy Davis. She is an artist, actress, and musician. I have shared a few pieces she did of me on previous blogs. We got to know each other while working as baristas at a coffee shop, and she was taking a break from her brilliance. To give you an idea....they sent her to NYFW to do illustrated more realistic versions of the runway looks. I was fortunate enough to have an acapella song I wrote added to her husband Jon Moritsugus' film 'Fame Whore'. 

Get a glance of her sassiness from the blog I did while in Santa Fe.

**Just in case you can't read it, the t-shirt reads 'Never Mind the Bullocks Here's the Sex Kittens'. A play on a words....yes....gotta Luv the Sex Pistols! The designers' name is Heathyr and she owns a clothing line named 'Mantrap'.

Til next time,


Monday, March 7, 2016

In A Whisper.......

Part of the bliss from this weekend.
Me and the kiddos exploring the creek
area behind the cottage.
Hello Luvs,

ALWAYS remember to look up!
It's a new week and a new business is growing, and I find myself in the position/quandary about what to tackle first. As I try to clear my mind I thought I would try to express some of my feelings in a quick poem. Like in the is not pre-planned as I allow my thoughts to flow. Hope you like it!

In A Whisper

In a whisper that quickly becomes a shout
My being left swinging adrift in the wind
No anchor to which I can retrieve my heart
Only that shouting coming from a far away port

I can tell that the words have a meaning
But why has it resorted to screaming
I will try to train my ears
Then maybe, just maybe, it will all be made clear
This tree was both striking and haunting!

I only scratch the surface
Yet I know it is not
What my soul is trying to tell me
And still I remain lost 

Can a whisper contain all the words that I need
Will it tell me to stop now before I begin to bleed
The spots unused and abandoned yet still
Serve a function I have to believe is quite real

Til next time,


Moss say hello to tree....
P.S. 5P1NOK10 will be back at the Nasher Museum in Durham on Wednesday, March 30th at 10:30 and 11:30. Below is a link to my blog that tells you about this work of passion brought about during a freestyle session between Tarish Pipkins and Pierce Freelon.
Could not have said it better myself!