Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why I Have So Much Hope....!

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Hello Again Luvs,

It is a rarity for me to write twice in one day, but I find the need to express my joy and hope for the country I live in. I believe it would be a disservice to myself to live in fear and not speak my truth and appreciation in regard to Bernie Sanders. Please read on....

To ensure a win we need to vote!
He is a person I have admired for years. While listening to various radio stations (since I did not/and still do not watch a lot of television) I would smile as this gravely and passionate (most times extremely lively) voice spoke about issues that were/are close to my heart. Whenever there was something happening that benefited veterans and middle class families he would be interviewed. If there was a person speaking out and then voting against the Iraq was Sanders. If the host was trying to get an upfront and honest no holds barred opinion...there was Sanders.

The Hubster and I have been fans immediately upon becoming aware of him. Our appreciation for him has been long standing and unwavering. We would constantly discuss the dream of having him run for President. If he did, then we would vote for him. We would speak to all who would listen about where he stands. It was simply a dream until not too long ago. Now he is running for President and it makes my heart sing. We believed that he was too honest and too straight forward. Sanders would be a blip because he is a self-proclaimed Socialist. My oh my were we wrong, and we could not be more happy to admit it. With a head-to-head result in Iowa and then a blow out in New Hampshire it is now clear that he is a serious contender.
When someone says his opponent is the only one fighting for gay rights they are simply mistaken...Bernie has always done so...even BEFORE it was mainstream!

Being a Democrat for as long as I have been able to vote there have been politicians who have come and gone that I have felt varying degrees of admiration. Trusting an elected official is not a natural thing because more often than not they tell you what you want to hear then switch gears once they are elected. I have met a few in person, and the feeling I got when speaking with them was unsettling. The tone of an honest and sincere person was not present. Instead, in its place was a slick disingenuous chameleon standing in front of me with a haunting smile. That in itself left me to continually vote for the lessor of two evils over and over.
Partnered to bring about historic legislation for vets!

That Luvs is no way to vote....but it is/was what is seemed...the result of a political structure that is lacking or better yet, broken. When it is said that money and corruption exist in the current political system it is an understatement. That is where Bernie comes in....

I could tell from the very beginning that he was there for the people who needed him no matter what. He was the voice that was loud and vocal on issues that truly mattered. Bernie fights the fight for middle class families, minorities, woman, gay rights, and veterans among other groups who NEED someone to speak up for them. Not only does he live it, but he has been living it for his entire career. His stance on the issues that matter to most of the population residing in the U.S. has always been to ensure that we all have a level playing field which enables us a better life.

Enough said!
One of the main issues that he faces is with voting minorities. This is something that baffles my mind! He is running against an opponent whose name is easily recognizable and it seemed to guarantee her victory. No need to mention her by name because you know of whom I speak. Just because your husband laid the tracks down with these groups should not guarantee that you are a completely natural fit for the position. Don't get me started on the husband/wife dynamic. That in itself should not be going on and/or legal. To say YOU can be President then see a father and son (with another son running) then a husband then wife go after it is beyond craziness! Yes, I agree that she is smart and savvy. That does not make her the best choice. What makes the best and only choice is someone who had long ago stood up minorities (even before it was cool), gay marriage (long ago when it wasn't main stream and ok to do so), and veterans (because it was the right thing to do for those who sacrificed for this country).

He has ALWAYS fought this fight...check his record!
Being a proud African-American Woman I know the obstacles that face Women (not to mention Women of Color). I have aslo felt the pain of living paycheck to paycheck because our family is middle class. On top of that being a contractor and not driven by money obtaining insurance is another uphill battle. He speaks to all of this with a genuine voice and has ALWAYS done so.

This being said, Bernie Sanders is the only PERSON in this race who has spoken up and said "I'll be damned!", over and over to all who would listen. He would stand up AND get things done. I do not care what package he comes in. I do not care that he is a Socialist, Jewish, stark white haired, and more mature than who he is running against (even thought he is in great health). It is his heart that he wears on his sleeve, the passion in which he speaks, and his unflinchingly clear headed approach in which he works that says....HE IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME!

Lastly, I know there are people who will say how dare you not vote for the woman who is running for President! Well, to that I say look at her record, look at who she aligns herself with, and how she changes to fit a need in the moment swaying back and forth the way a yo-yo does in the wind. That is not someone I wish to vote for whether they are male or female. Of course I would love to see a female President....I however would like that to be Elizabeth Warren.

Til next time,


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