Friday, February 19, 2016

When Your Body wants a Pity Party, But Your Mind tells You Things Could Be Worse.......

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Happy Friday...! I hope things are going pleasantly for you this week.

The Sun (and hopefully a few clouds!) will come out tomorrow!
I thought I would share some of what I have been going through. For those of you that have just started reading the blog you might not know about the health issues I have been contending with. 

The issue started while we were renting a home in Placitas, New Mexico. I started to become tired and drained. I would also have trouble breathing. Migraines and joint pain became part of my daily existence. Keep in mind that this was about 5-5 1/2 years ago. So I have been dealing with this for quite sometime. All of these symptoms make for a terrible day for most people singularly.

So, why do you think I attribute my current health to my stay there. Well, there were multiple issues that led to us giving notice...none of which we tied to our rental being the cause. That was until I started speaking with another parent who had children attending the same elementary school as ours. She was venting about having to attend a meeting with the Principal and teachers about their constant abscences and/or tardies (found out that these were because of doctor or hospital visits). 

She went on to explain the scenario she was living. While fixing some issues around the house (which the owner asked her husband to do without being compensated...she asked the Hubster but he declined THANK GOODNESS) he found a tremendous amount of black mold in the walls. It was such a terrible thing they were all going through. I asked them where her rental was. When she did an alarm went off. It was the house that we had been living in! Now it all made sense! My symptoms started within a few months in the rental, but it did not click until I heard her story. 

Remember how I said there were numerous issues in the house? When sharing the expansive list with the owner of the house she said that she was going to address the issues, keep it for herslef, and not rent it out. Not only did she not fix the issues (which were the same as what the other parent shared) she rented it out to another family!

When you encounter someone who has no regard for others, but instead touts all they do so selflessly as a reason why we should labor for free, it is hard to feel empathy. Our time removed from that experience has softened my heart. Initially all I thought about was my children and whether or not they would have health issues. I know that a person is missing something from their life to allow them to live with disregard.  Relating to that small part makes it easier to have compassion/empathy. could have your head in there...could you imagine!!!!
Now, you're probably wondering why I am bringing up this particular story at this particular moment. Well, the kids have been exhibiting allergy issues (for me it has been upped 10 fold) along with the Hubster. My daily migraines were still here, but now were at their almost unbearable level and my body aches have returned. Our rental here in North Carolina found us in a house with mold issues because of poor subpump maintenance. After trying to get the property manager to address that and many....many other things the only option we had was to move out.

The title above explains perfectly how I have been feeling for the last three days. With back issues that impair my ability to walk, sit, or lie down without experiencing terrible pain I am tempted to chant the mantra Whoa is me.... :-( To be frank, that lasted a day. Moaning and being on the edge of crying is not my typical demeanor. I like to see and feel the positives in things, but these last two days have tested that mentality.

Almost out of here! Simply the best time spent-watching Baby Girl and Boy hanging out together!
What changed that and brought it back home was the Gentleman while entering my doctor's office building. He was disabled, but that did not stop him from being a cordial and chivalrous person. The smile he gave me was like a lightning bolt that cleared my mind and soul of those thoughts. I would get through this and be able to do the things I love. Having these pains will not deter me from hugging my kiddos, kissing the Hubster, or stroking Goldie's head. They are my family and remind me that I am lucky in so many ways. Remaining in a state of giving of myself to my Fellow Human Beings is the best medicine I can think of. 

So, while I am going through this I will continue to live my truth and care for others. I will pay it forward everyday. I will also realize that there are positives in most situations (I am not naive enough to think that EVERY situation is so) and live IN THE PRESENT!

Join me wontcha?!?!?!

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