Friday, February 12, 2016

Taking in the Positives and Negatives...

Hello Luvs,

Happy Friday! Hope your week has been going well. We are preparing ourselves for snow. The streets have been brined and the areas seem prepared. We bought milk (if your stomach becomes easily upset DO NOT READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!) and nutella for hot chocolate. 
The pic to give you happy thoughts BEFORE  my story.

The milk we purchased from Whole Foods. There is a milk brand sold in a glass bottle that we love. However, I now have reason to really think about buying it again. This is where things get gross...I am warning you! Read on at your own risk!!!! I grabbed a gallon bottle and checked the date. All was right as rain at this time. Purchased and placed it in the back of the car. Once we arrived at the hotel I picked up the bottle and noticed things floating in the milk. I knew what there were, but I could not bring myself to admit it. I walked it in and showed the Hubster. He CONFIRMED IT!!!! What was floating in it was mouse droppings! If you have read some of my older blogs you know about my fear of mice and anything associated with them. It is not rational how I react but it is a phobia that I have been unable to overcome. So, back to Whole Foods it must go...I have to shake my head and hold down what wants to come up just typing this. Ok....all done! Now on to where we are in our journey toward a nomadic lifestyle.

This cutie bring his books wherever he goes...
Wow, now I know why it takes most people a minute to finally take the leap on leaving all behind....especially when you have children. There have been some challenges we've experienced this week whether it is health related or finding just the right situation. You can be sure that we are becoming educated on the various types of RV's, tractor trailers, and Fifth wheels (are the latter two consider RV's?). I have seen about a dozen...oh no wait...two hundred pictures that have included every type of layout under the sun, and we still have not made a decision!

As we try to find our right fit we have been looking into Airbnbs. Trying to find one that accepts dogs has been a challenge. Who would not want to schedule a booking with this cutie>>>>>>>>   vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv   >>>>>>

Princess Goldie
Something that has been a little troubling about the three listings we have reached out to has been that either it is not available because they have friends coming to town (without being blocked off in the listing) or not having the listing cleaned and/or stocked with linens and internet not set up (even though the listing is online with those as an option). I am not sure why they would be up on the site if that is the case for any of these. Maybe I am clueless because it is new to me? I know that the right one is there for us...hopefully our bill for the hotel will not bankrupt us... :-)

Cloud gazing at night....pure bliss!
The plus to all this is that while living in the hotel we see that we can indeed live in a smaller living space. Pretty sure having a tv has helped the kiddos feel better about it. As parents however we are battling constantly to find a balance. Oh....and the commercials! I HAVE NOT MISSED THEM!!! No one is stepping all over each other, and the Hubster has found a way to work in his own space. I guess you could say that it has been a bit of a trial run. The only issue has been having only one bathroom. Finding a way to make that work will be an immediate priority at our next digs.

I will probably be filling you in soon about our next move that could take shape tomorrow, so be sure to check back! Following me would be even better!

Til next time,


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