Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Take Me As I Am.....

Hello Luvs,

I hope you week has started off well. Below is my quick ode to loving yourself and all your imperfections. ENJOY!

I CHOOSE to share my light...
Take Me As I Am

There was no mistake here
Though the blemishes shows all too clear
The wants, needs, and curious objections
Knowing that my choices were the only options
I will not say that every decision made
Was wise beyond my years
More than likely most were made from fear
The fear of no love, respect, or knowledge
That I truly had something to give
Looking around for validation
From others whom were not clearly an option
Who could give me the ok
Saying....hey be wide awake
Because if you are not, there will be obstacles
Those that drag down the beauty within
The soul who always looked to take care
After swearing to always be there
There to pick them up, give kind words, and the shirt off her back
There was no mistake here
Because I am what I am
With all the laugh lines, scars, and naivety
Of the child who grew up too soon
For this is the jewel that you see
Looking up while buried undersea
Gasping for breath and trying to hold on
To the humanity strongly felt since very young
So don't ask me to apologize...you see
The only obstacle is me
So you have no other choice
To take me with a quivering voice
Because I am what I am

When I close my eyes...oh the beauty I see!

Til next time,


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