Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweet Words...

Hello Luvs,

Some sweet words for you......ENJOY!

Luv of nature....

If a capsule of hope would be
The mouth saying the words 
To Me
Is enough to sustain the need
To search out the wants
I Need
More than the quest I set on
Luv of books!
The bench that I rest on
With Thee
I shout to the world
I am the life and breath
Following Glee
The hope, needs, and quest said aloud
Are all met and found
I see

Luv of food...breakfast for kiddos...
Love is a need that is craved by everyone. Something unconditional that holds us up, sets us straight, and redeems our day. May we all find this through our passions and relationships because WE ALL deserve to be loved. Let's make this holiday a year round event where we share our admiration and appreciation consistently. One day a year should not be the tradition we continue. May we aim toward love and compassion toward those both close and far away.
Luv of clouds...

Til next time,