Thursday, February 25, 2016

Settled in and feeling at peace!

Hello Luvs,

Our cutie green door....
Pretty crazy feeling the need to blog again this week. Wanted to give a quick update and share pictures of the outside of the cottage. But before I do, I thought I would see if others have experienced the same lack of support the Hubster and I have had.

I can picture a hammock right in front!
Don't get me wrong...there have been a few (literally 3) people who have voiced support in regard to our latest lifestyle plans. For them I am eternally grateful. It means the world to us that their support is unconditional. However, there are those who through their words (or lack of) exhibit just how little they think of our parenting skills, embraced our adventurous side, and the fact that we weighed everything BEFORE we decided to go this route. What compounds this is that they were not an authentic support system to begin with. If you do not have an open heart toward someone you do not get a vote in what they do with their lives.

Ultimately, we are not harming anyone with our decision. Some may say that it will leave a negative mark on our chidren. The truth is...being part of the typical American culture has left its marks. The longer we adhere to the 'everyone does this and we need to follow along' mindset the further down the scars go.

There is a breezeway between us and
one of our neighbors.
I would not begin to sit in judgement of someone taking the non-traditional route if it benefits their families vision. Yes, there are lifestyles that abuse, terrorize, and push down a childs passion for life. Deciding to lead a nomadic lifestyle where the country and/or world becomes the main part of their educational experience is not one of them. Just because it is not what you would choose to do does not make it outrageous. I know plenty of people of whom their parents stuck with was expected of them and their children (who are now adults) cannot have a healthty relationship with others or function in society.

So, I ask you this...have you found yourself being looked down on because of a decision that ended up being the best one for you? Have you felt envious because you witnessed someone living a life that you wish(ed) for yourself but were afraid to do it because of expectations? Or are you someone who knew living a nomadic lifestyle was what your family unit needed and are ecstatic that you did?

If you answered yes to any of those I would like to hear from you! Sharing with each other is how we bridge the divide and connect with our fellow Human Beings.

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