Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hello Luvs,

Quick ode to break up so many words being thrown at you!


Not a mistake 
The words I say
No regrets
For the jumps I made
Given time to reflect
If I did my best
Was there more to give
For the life I live

Ethereal canvas in which to craft your bliss...
Would I wish
For a fluffed up mess
To restore my need
To relieve the grief
Of the things I screamed
As I crawled toward my dream
A future in fog
Somewhere to belong

Still no mistake
For the wisdom it gave
The life I have lived
Still much more left to give
No regrets
For expectations not met
Not sure where they are
Of the distance...how far

I love the chance
To twirl a dance
Filled with jumps and twirls
Holding out for the chance
For you have my hand
We are bonded and will mend
All that happened before
Lingers no more

Til next time,


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