Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Heart Is Full.....

Hello Luvs,

Just a quick blast of thoughts I hope to share with all of my village- Humanity....because we are partners in bliss, community, and peace. Nothing planned....shall we see what rolls out of this twisted mind?

My life in now drifting
Through a sea of doubters!
In which I sense my island
The place where I anchor my thoughts
My dreams and expectations
I have dragged you along
Because YOU are my North Star
When I fill as if the sea
Has tossed and turned me around
To face the wrong way
You guide me
To say that my heart
Is full....
Full of the joy
I feel inside each bone
Spilling out of every corner
Of this battered body 
The one I have cursed 
A million times
I know that my soul
Illuminates the words
I cannot say
When my face 
Has left me betrayed
I will no longer fight
Because it is what it is
And I will live it
Each day.....

Til next time,


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