Monday, February 8, 2016

Living with our current situation and excited for our future adventures....

Hello Luvs,

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well. 

Mama Bear and kiddos...quality time
Mine was filled with an endless migraine that was not only jabbing through my temples, but also behind my eyes and ears. Not sure if any of you can relate to severe migraines. Migraines that last for days. My latest spell was five days in length, and boy am I glad that I have some semblance of relief. I do not write about it often because I know that it would be a constant subject of my odes, stories, and blogs. Instead I decided to write when I was able to add a vein of bliss.

The view on the way to the hotel.
This last bout smacked me in the face like a cold spiky fish and said that in order to be truly authentic and honest I need include these very significant events into some of my writing. Maybe some will stop reading while others shout an 'Amen' because they have had the same experiences. The times when no matter what it is it begins to measure your movements and slow you down to a snail's pace. That was me, and I can tell you that my family finds the predicament to be unsettling. The Hubster steps up as usual and tries to allow me some rest time. However, being the person I am (right or wrong...ok...wrong!) I still insist on trying to do everything. When will I learn to accept help when it is given? Not sure....but I know that it stems from previous experiences when said help led to negative situations.
My solo trek to the library.

So, now on to the status of where we are at this moment. Currently we are still in a hotel suite and the person at the front desk has been very accomodating and reduced our cost twice in different ways. The kiddos luv staying here because there is an inside pool. I went with them yesterday for about an hour and a half and it was amazing. Looking up through the skylights as trees swayed during 45 degreee weather with us being in a pool that is heated. Bliss.....

His Royal Highness Nanda...!
We have wittled down boxes and have most of our items fitting into  the van. That is pretty good for a family of four where the children tend to start collections of all types. Of course we offered an incentive that they jumped at. We paid them per box donated. That might sound a bit wonky until you hear where the items went and where the money goes. The stuffed animals were donated to the animal shelter. The books (minus a few we will try to sell at a resale book store), clothing, toys, and household items went to the PTA Thrift Shop because they donate money to the schools in the district. Where is the money going? Well it goes into their savings accounts at the Credit Union which we opened recently and guarantees that they will be members for life. When all is said and done we felt as parents that it helped to go this route versus either keeping the items or forcing them to part with all of it just because we said so.
Close up of a geode....

This brings me to a little (no huge!) side note. A wonderful friend I adore responded to my last blog with a suggestion that we jumped on. This past Saturday (yes, I did this with a migraine that would have taken down King Kong) we went to the free free market. The kids had picked out some stuffed animals and books. We were so excited that we would get to see who was picking out the items and offer some history if they asked. When we arrived the experience left me flabbergasted. I walked up, said hi to my friend, and found a spot to set the items up. There was a mature woman who was standing next to my friend that followed me over to my spot. Silly me...I thought that she was there to help me set up since she was opening the box when it was half way down to the ground. WRONG! She wanted to grab the items out of the box first. Once the box was on the ground I was surrounded. It was like a swarm of bees! There were other grown women attacking the box like a Macy's 75% off (+additional 5% off sale). To be honest...I am surprised that I did not lose an arm with only a nub of an arm coming back to me. It was that bad. Add the fact that my kiddos never made it to me. I was like....WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN! They were not able to make it past the front line. People started grabbing at the boxes while they were carrying them to the spot. That was when I made the decision to NEVER do something like that again. My children do not need battle scars from trying to do something good and generous. That is why our final decisions made sense. At least with the PTA the kids will not be almost knocked over, and the animal shelter front desk gives a simple "Thanks!". I am sure that other places that offer that are not like this one (my friend actually validated it with another place to go next time). So when I say never I mean maybe.
Last bit of cuteness...Princess Goldie working on her first novel! ;-)

Ok, I know, I digressed. I will leave you with our thoughts about what to do next. We are looking to buy an RV that will tow our Prius. It will be more self containded with a vehicle that is extremely fuel efficient to drive around during our stops. Once we find one I will be sure to share pictures. Until then, you will have to be satisfied with my ramblings.

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  1. Hugs!! Can't wait to hear about your family's adventures! <3

    1. Thank you Sherose! I will definitely be keeping you in the loop. Thanks for reading. Maybe consider following? Oh, and 'hi' to Michael!