Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cleansing yourself of the chaos that is too much stuff....

Hello Luvs,

I didn't expect to be writing again so soon, but I thought that what I am going through might resonate with others. If while reading this you receive a helpful idea or want to share your experience I would love to hear about it. Just click the comment section below.

After the decision was partially made by us (yet ultimately made by others) to live even more simply we have known there was a battle ahead. I mentioned the fact that Baby Boy and Girl tend to accumulate items. Though they do not have as much as the typical child they still have more than either Josh or I are comfortable with. Yeah, I know! We could have said no or instituted a rule of receive one and one must go. Why do you think I need to express this....I AM LOST. They have collected stuffed animals, legos, plushies, go-gos, various other toys/stuffed animals, and most of all books. The latter makes us feel great because reading is such a necessary activity that expnds the mind. The other items have come into our lives as display. They are not played with very often (especially the stuffed animals). That is my problem with the toys. 

So, why would I have issues with the books....? Really I don't but I do have issue with them gathering dust. When they come into our lives they are read front to back and then again. There a few exceptions to the rules which is great. For the ones that have not seen the light of day in a year....they need a new home. Time for someone else to have the pleasure of discovering them. Now...how to get Baby Girl and Boy onboard. I had a conversation with them about the realization we had when trying to get rid of things before the move. Then having to transport what they decided to keep. It was tremendously eye opening. We are failing at this. 
Second location in Carrboro....

Materialism is a trait that is rampant. It drives society to crazy things that most often leads down a slippery slope. What we need for our survival is not what it seems in literal terms. We need food, shelter, love, compassion, and safety. We DO NOT NEED 150 stuffed animals, 50 pairs of shoes, multiple pairs of the 'it' jeans, or enough handbags to start our own store. 

Admittedly I am guilty of the last one. A self professed lover of bags is what I am. I have no particular style I prefer other than no logos all over it (exception is some vintage Gucci styles), and I own many more than I should. Vintage bags rock my world, but do I need so many? Of course I don't. In order to be true to my stance I had to walk the walk and show it in action. I did... There is a crazy amount of bags and shoes I donated along with lots of other things to the PTA Thrift Shop. What is wonderful about their organization is that they donate funds to all the local schools. That made me feel better about parting with these things. Add to that the fact that several of them had not been utilized in a long time. So, as I stated to the kiddos...someone else should discover the pleasure of using them. Are you buying it? I hope so, because I am going to live this motto going forward.

Princess Goldie (her birthday today!) the guard dog...Mama DO NOT TOUCH these books!
*So, this blog is in two parts because I was interrupted. In the time between signing out and back in my son has decided that he wants to keep all his books. What he said before has changed. Books that had no relevance are now essential. I feel like a parent who is too demanding by expecting him to keep his world. Now I am in a predicament. That...my friends...is why I need you! Give me some advice and/or share your experience of paring down. As you can see from the picture I will have my work cut out for me since they represent only 20 percent of the actual amount. Jalen has 40 percent as much as Myles. ARGH!

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  1. This Saturday is the Really Really Free Market at the town commons in Carrboro at 2pm. It's a good place for them to give stuff away and see immediately who will benefit. Michael has the same attachments. He likes to pick a toy, so I make sure goes through his toys at home first. It's a start. You'll see lots of families and children rummaging through books, clothes, knick knacks, and even food.

    1. Thanks Sherose! I got this a few days ago and was able to speak with the kiddos. We will be there today around 2:15. Hope to see you...Kat