Monday, February 1, 2016

BIG Changes are Coming!

Hello Luvs,
No looking back....only forward

I come to you today (actually yesterday...what was I thinking with a two day sale?!?!) while waiting the arrival of a potential buyer at my moving/yard sale. I have been hinting about changes and it is that time. Through a series of events we have had our plans turned upside down. My how life is beautiful! Why would I say beautiful? Well, it is really never good to force things. You might end up getting just what you asked for...that it is, something that in the end will not make you happy. It was just the thought of that potential circumstance that had you stargazing. I believe that right now, here, in this moment I am on the course that I SHOULD BE ON. I have given in to the lesson that my life is trying to clarify.....when I say clarify I mean pound me over the head! And yet again the word beautiful comes to mind.

Have you had times when you've found multiple events blocking your way no matter how you try to dodge them? Where you think that if you push just a little harder your perserverance will pay off. Only to find that the boyfriend/girlfriend (whom you knew was destined to be your spouse) was ultimately not that right fit, that place you jumped through hoops to rent has a nightmare neighbor, or that the dress you knew would be perfect for the event kept riding up and had you flashing your unmentionables? If you thought yes to any of those questions you know my plight.
The Hubster and I with the kiddos and our dog...

So, what is one to do? Not try....never even attempt? No, I am definitely not saying that. There are times when you dream of a different life that you feel will help you soar. You hesitiate because it is not the life that others see for you, and they end up being a big factor in your decision. 

The Hubster and I usually abide by 'the one year rule'. We will give it a try and put our full effort into it. Not sure if the displeasure of moving (the kiddos accummulate stuff no matter how we try!) or something else. We had different plans for ourselves that were still in play earlier this week. They fell through!!!! So, we made a decision to finally live our dream. Living the nomadic lifestyle that is.... 

As of midnight we will be in a hotel, then maybe an airbnb, then an rv....there I SAID IT!!!!! Yaaaay! I will be checking in more often, and I hope that you will come back often. Having you along on this journey makes you part of my village. That Luvs makes you family!

Til next time,


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