Wednesday, February 24, 2016

As I Rock....

Hello Luvs,

An ode to where my mood sits at this particular moment. ENJOY!

As I Rock

As I rock I am reminded
Of the thoughts that plague my mind
Keep me awake at night
Tossing and turning...but why
It is not realistic to aspire
For perfection
Being a true and patient self
No longer yelling out loud
As I sit by backside reminds me
You have done this more than once
This chair is made for rockin'!
Buried yourself under stress
Something that is out of your control
You know....
You are aware of those thoughts, pains, and headaches
Of the joint pulsing with pain
Still a smile to offer the world 
Knowing that a positive attitude will do it's work
It will kiss, hug, and wrap you in its arms
There is no lasting harm
To wishful thinking said out loud
For it ends and not begins
When you lose the frown
Lightness and a peaceful heart
Waiting around the bend
So, as I rock
I close my eyes
I take a deep breath
And I give those thoughts a rest

Til next time,


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