Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Airbnb....Positives and Negatives Thus Far

Hello Luvs,

Happy Tuesday to you! It is still raining a consistant flow of unicorn tears. Not heavy enough to completely drench you, but enough to flood areas over time. It leaves me in a state of the continuous question being...what do I need to deal with it? An umbrella seems like overkill and kind of silly while hoodie dampness (the kind that 30 minutes of sitting smells weird?-ya feel me?) has me wondering what the heck is going on.

Ok, so I was on a tangent. Now back to the blog at hand. The Airbnb we are staying in as of Sunday is quite adorable. It is in a different section of town which in time will inspire adventures down at the nearby creek and overeating at a popular coffee shop/cafe. Seeing it online gave us a different understanding of what we were actually getting. Keep on reading to find out what I really like and the issues leaving me saying...What the????

Fav art piece...Einstein on a bike smiling!
On the site the photo reads as if it is the entire home. The picture actually shows the part were are staying in along with the part one of the other two people are renting. Our part is a 2 bedroom/1 bath. This size is ideal in regard to making sure the whole family unit can adjust down to living in smaller places. I put up some pictures yesterday and the response was tremendous. The reason being the fact that there are certain details that give the home a cozy cottage feel. The rooms are different colors, the furniture/decor has pleasant patterns which give it a warm tone, and the floors ( knotty pine) are TO DIE FOR! There is also a significant amount of storage which is not the norm for a home built in the 40s. If you look at the pictures of the tile behind and above the stove you probably understand why I like the kitchen regardless of the counterspace.
We have changed around some of the furniture...find Princess Goldie.! ;-)

Now, on to the negatives....The listing does not mention that you are actually in a triplex not an entire home. Not sure what you would call it. Is triplex the right distinction when there is someone attached to you and another person under both you and him. This is a concern for the Hubster and me because we do not like to disturb anyone. We do have a 12 and 9 year old. Things can get loud with their craziness....Just sayin' 
Cute little kitchen!
The tile I adore.....

The laundry room is outside, down the stairs, around the corner, and pretty dirty (both floor and machines). Did I mention it that has been raining?  Oh yeah...I did! A couple of kitchen drawers are broken, and most of the towels have bleach stains. The micromave had something very interesting stuck on it's side and turntable. I have been a cleaning fiend. Making sure my family feels as comfortable as possible is imperative. 

Cardboard buck behind the winged chair.
To really get on my last parental freakout nerve....there is black mold in the shower. No...I kid you not!!!!!! Because I have not seen issues in other spots in the home I am going to try to treat the area. If I do find out that it is in fact an issue rest assured that I will share my mini freak out with you. It is pretty obvious that the place has not been recently painted or maintained ....trust me...I could take pictures, but you have to trust me on it.      
How rocking chair will travel.....

Oh, oh, oh! There is also construction! YES...I KNOW!!!! Another thing the person getting us settled did not mention. It was not an issue today because of the rain. However, I was late to class yesterday because both mine and my new neighbor's car were blocked in. They are working on the water system, so there were very big pipes stacked right in the middle of the street. After I came home for lunch and needed to leave to go to a doctor's appointment the construction person was very annoyed with me when I asked him if he could move over a smidge so I could get out. Wowzer....not a very good start. 

We were told that they would be coming by sometime this week to work on things. Should I hold my breath? Without a call or email thus far it is not looking good. 

They have lots of images of this artist....
Our first experience at an Airbnb was in Folly Beach in South Carolina. We loved it so much we were debating moving there. The main reason is that we love a small beach community feel. The townhome and very clean, the furniture was in good shape, the laundry machines were maintained, and certain things were set up to make sure we wanted for nothing.

We were hoping to stay here through the rest of the school year as we set up the RV thing. The Hubster sent one to me today that had me fantasizing about it happening tomorrow. We realize that there will be a point where we just have to go for it. We will....just not there yet.

Keep checking in to see how things fare at our little cottage. Even better....FOLLOW THE BLOG!

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