Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Heart Is Full.....

Hello Luvs,

Just a quick blast of thoughts I hope to share with all of my village- Humanity....because we are partners in bliss, community, and peace. Nothing planned....shall we see what rolls out of this twisted mind?

My life in now drifting
Through a sea of doubters!
In which I sense my island
The place where I anchor my thoughts
My dreams and expectations
I have dragged you along
Because YOU are my North Star
When I fill as if the sea
Has tossed and turned me around
To face the wrong way
You guide me
To say that my heart
Is full....
Full of the joy
I feel inside each bone
Spilling out of every corner
Of this battered body 
The one I have cursed 
A million times
I know that my soul
Illuminates the words
I cannot say
When my face 
Has left me betrayed
I will no longer fight
Because it is what it is
And I will live it
Each day.....

Til next time,


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Settled in and feeling at peace!

Hello Luvs,

Our cutie green door....
Pretty crazy feeling the need to blog again this week. Wanted to give a quick update and share pictures of the outside of the cottage. But before I do, I thought I would see if others have experienced the same lack of support the Hubster and I have had.

I can picture a hammock right in front!
Don't get me wrong...there have been a few (literally 3) people who have voiced support in regard to our latest lifestyle plans. For them I am eternally grateful. It means the world to us that their support is unconditional. However, there are those who through their words (or lack of) exhibit just how little they think of our parenting skills, embraced our adventurous side, and the fact that we weighed everything BEFORE we decided to go this route. What compounds this is that they were not an authentic support system to begin with. If you do not have an open heart toward someone you do not get a vote in what they do with their lives.

Ultimately, we are not harming anyone with our decision. Some may say that it will leave a negative mark on our chidren. The truth is...being part of the typical American culture has left its marks. The longer we adhere to the 'everyone does this and we need to follow along' mindset the further down the scars go.

There is a breezeway between us and
one of our neighbors.
I would not begin to sit in judgement of someone taking the non-traditional route if it benefits their families vision. Yes, there are lifestyles that abuse, terrorize, and push down a childs passion for life. Deciding to lead a nomadic lifestyle where the country and/or world becomes the main part of their educational experience is not one of them. Just because it is not what you would choose to do does not make it outrageous. I know plenty of people of whom their parents stuck with was expected of them and their children (who are now adults) cannot have a healthty relationship with others or function in society.

So, I ask you this...have you found yourself being looked down on because of a decision that ended up being the best one for you? Have you felt envious because you witnessed someone living a life that you wish(ed) for yourself but were afraid to do it because of expectations? Or are you someone who knew living a nomadic lifestyle was what your family unit needed and are ecstatic that you did?

If you answered yes to any of those I would like to hear from you! Sharing with each other is how we bridge the divide and connect with our fellow Human Beings.

Til next time,


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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

As I Rock....

Hello Luvs,

An ode to where my mood sits at this particular moment. ENJOY!

As I Rock

As I rock I am reminded
Of the thoughts that plague my mind
Keep me awake at night
Tossing and turning...but why
It is not realistic to aspire
For perfection
Being a true and patient self
No longer yelling out loud
As I sit by backside reminds me
You have done this more than once
This chair is made for rockin'!
Buried yourself under stress
Something that is out of your control
You know....
You are aware of those thoughts, pains, and headaches
Of the joint pulsing with pain
Still a smile to offer the world 
Knowing that a positive attitude will do it's work
It will kiss, hug, and wrap you in its arms
There is no lasting harm
To wishful thinking said out loud
For it ends and not begins
When you lose the frown
Lightness and a peaceful heart
Waiting around the bend
So, as I rock
I close my eyes
I take a deep breath
And I give those thoughts a rest

Til next time,


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Airbnb....Positives and Negatives Thus Far

Hello Luvs,

Happy Tuesday to you! It is still raining a consistant flow of unicorn tears. Not heavy enough to completely drench you, but enough to flood areas over time. It leaves me in a state of the continuous question being...what do I need to deal with it? An umbrella seems like overkill and kind of silly while hoodie dampness (the kind that 30 minutes of sitting smells weird?-ya feel me?) has me wondering what the heck is going on.

Ok, so I was on a tangent. Now back to the blog at hand. The Airbnb we are staying in as of Sunday is quite adorable. It is in a different section of town which in time will inspire adventures down at the nearby creek and overeating at a popular coffee shop/cafe. Seeing it online gave us a different understanding of what we were actually getting. Keep on reading to find out what I really like and the issues leaving me saying...What the????

Fav art piece...Einstein on a bike smiling!
On the site the photo reads as if it is the entire home. The picture actually shows the part were are staying in along with the part one of the other two people are renting. Our part is a 2 bedroom/1 bath. This size is ideal in regard to making sure the whole family unit can adjust down to living in smaller places. I put up some pictures yesterday and the response was tremendous. The reason being the fact that there are certain details that give the home a cozy cottage feel. The rooms are different colors, the furniture/decor has pleasant patterns which give it a warm tone, and the floors ( knotty pine) are TO DIE FOR! There is also a significant amount of storage which is not the norm for a home built in the 40s. If you look at the pictures of the tile behind and above the stove you probably understand why I like the kitchen regardless of the counterspace.
We have changed around some of the furniture...find Princess Goldie.! ;-)

Now, on to the negatives....The listing does not mention that you are actually in a triplex not an entire home. Not sure what you would call it. Is triplex the right distinction when there is someone attached to you and another person under both you and him. This is a concern for the Hubster and me because we do not like to disturb anyone. We do have a 12 and 9 year old. Things can get loud with their craziness....Just sayin' 
Cute little kitchen!
The tile I adore.....

The laundry room is outside, down the stairs, around the corner, and pretty dirty (both floor and machines). Did I mention it that has been raining?  Oh yeah...I did! A couple of kitchen drawers are broken, and most of the towels have bleach stains. The micromave had something very interesting stuck on it's side and turntable. I have been a cleaning fiend. Making sure my family feels as comfortable as possible is imperative. 

Cardboard buck behind the winged chair.
To really get on my last parental freakout nerve....there is black mold in the shower. No...I kid you not!!!!!! Because I have not seen issues in other spots in the home I am going to try to treat the area. If I do find out that it is in fact an issue rest assured that I will share my mini freak out with you. It is pretty obvious that the place has not been recently painted or maintained me...I could take pictures, but you have to trust me on it.      
How rocking chair will travel.....

Oh, oh, oh! There is also construction! YES...I KNOW!!!! Another thing the person getting us settled did not mention. It was not an issue today because of the rain. However, I was late to class yesterday because both mine and my new neighbor's car were blocked in. They are working on the water system, so there were very big pipes stacked right in the middle of the street. After I came home for lunch and needed to leave to go to a doctor's appointment the construction person was very annoyed with me when I asked him if he could move over a smidge so I could get out. Wowzer....not a very good start. 

We were told that they would be coming by sometime this week to work on things. Should I hold my breath? Without a call or email thus far it is not looking good. 

They have lots of images of this artist....
Our first experience at an Airbnb was in Folly Beach in South Carolina. We loved it so much we were debating moving there. The main reason is that we love a small beach community feel. The townhome and very clean, the furniture was in good shape, the laundry machines were maintained, and certain things were set up to make sure we wanted for nothing.

We were hoping to stay here through the rest of the school year as we set up the RV thing. The Hubster sent one to me today that had me fantasizing about it happening tomorrow. We realize that there will be a point where we just have to go for it. We will....just not there yet.

Keep checking in to see how things fare at our little cottage. Even better....FOLLOW THE BLOG!

Til next time,


Saturday, February 20, 2016

On to our next place! YAY.........!

Hello Luvs,

Happy Saturday.... Overcast here but not too cold. The weather is pretty nice actually. In a nice stage with my back. Not sure if I mentioned it yesterday....if not, I will spare you the details. I will just say that it is a pleasure being able to walk straight and not hunched over like I am 90 years old and suffering from bone loss.

I think my change in health has a lot to do with my mindset. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself, instead I am excited for our next move. After taking Baby Girl to her school this morning (got up at 5:30!) to travel to the Science Olympiad Competition held on the UNC Greensboro Campus I came back with a plan.
Happy to be checking out tomorrow...another place to rest our heads.

After much searching we finally found a place! It falls more in line with what we would like to do in the summer. The house is on the small side but looks charming from what we can see in the listing pictures. Because our hotel stay has cost us so much we wanted to make sure that the Airbnb fell within our budget and that the size will allow all of us to become more comfortable in closer quarters.

The home is close to a sandwich/coffee shop, and it has a patio where we can hang out as a family. We make sure to eat dinner together and once the weather warms up I can picture us eating outside on the patio. That will be another way for us to become more acclimated. If it turns out that we end up with an RV versus a tiny house (and maybe even then) we will be outside most of the time.

Hanging with Baby up MOVIE!
It is all very exciting, and I know that finding a place to settle into for the rest of the school year has helped with my recent flair up. Having a positive attitude is definitely something that can change your health for the better. Looking for the positives in a situation instead of searching for something to complain about. They say this when someone is in the hospital. They always say that it is a way to reach them and encourage them to fight for their survival. To me, at least, striving to live this way on a daily basis (even when things are going well) helps to spread posivitity to others. Paying it forward and embracing individuality along with that equals a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Til next time,


Friday, February 19, 2016

When Your Body wants a Pity Party, But Your Mind tells You Things Could Be Worse.......

Hello Luvs,

Happy Friday...! I hope things are going pleasantly for you this week.

The Sun (and hopefully a few clouds!) will come out tomorrow!
I thought I would share some of what I have been going through. For those of you that have just started reading the blog you might not know about the health issues I have been contending with. 

The issue started while we were renting a home in Placitas, New Mexico. I started to become tired and drained. I would also have trouble breathing. Migraines and joint pain became part of my daily existence. Keep in mind that this was about 5-5 1/2 years ago. So I have been dealing with this for quite sometime. All of these symptoms make for a terrible day for most people singularly.

So, why do you think I attribute my current health to my stay there. Well, there were multiple issues that led to us giving notice...none of which we tied to our rental being the cause. That was until I started speaking with another parent who had children attending the same elementary school as ours. She was venting about having to attend a meeting with the Principal and teachers about their constant abscences and/or tardies (found out that these were because of doctor or hospital visits). 

She went on to explain the scenario she was living. While fixing some issues around the house (which the owner asked her husband to do without being compensated...she asked the Hubster but he declined THANK GOODNESS) he found a tremendous amount of black mold in the walls. It was such a terrible thing they were all going through. I asked them where her rental was. When she did an alarm went off. It was the house that we had been living in! Now it all made sense! My symptoms started within a few months in the rental, but it did not click until I heard her story. 

Remember how I said there were numerous issues in the house? When sharing the expansive list with the owner of the house she said that she was going to address the issues, keep it for herslef, and not rent it out. Not only did she not fix the issues (which were the same as what the other parent shared) she rented it out to another family!

When you encounter someone who has no regard for others, but instead touts all they do so selflessly as a reason why we should labor for free, it is hard to feel empathy. Our time removed from that experience has softened my heart. Initially all I thought about was my children and whether or not they would have health issues. I know that a person is missing something from their life to allow them to live with disregard.  Relating to that small part makes it easier to have compassion/empathy. could have your head in there...could you imagine!!!!
Now, you're probably wondering why I am bringing up this particular story at this particular moment. Well, the kids have been exhibiting allergy issues (for me it has been upped 10 fold) along with the Hubster. My daily migraines were still here, but now were at their almost unbearable level and my body aches have returned. Our rental here in North Carolina found us in a house with mold issues because of poor subpump maintenance. After trying to get the property manager to address that and many....many other things the only option we had was to move out.

The title above explains perfectly how I have been feeling for the last three days. With back issues that impair my ability to walk, sit, or lie down without experiencing terrible pain I am tempted to chant the mantra Whoa is me.... :-( To be frank, that lasted a day. Moaning and being on the edge of crying is not my typical demeanor. I like to see and feel the positives in things, but these last two days have tested that mentality.

Almost out of here! Simply the best time spent-watching Baby Girl and Boy hanging out together!
What changed that and brought it back home was the Gentleman while entering my doctor's office building. He was disabled, but that did not stop him from being a cordial and chivalrous person. The smile he gave me was like a lightning bolt that cleared my mind and soul of those thoughts. I would get through this and be able to do the things I love. Having these pains will not deter me from hugging my kiddos, kissing the Hubster, or stroking Goldie's head. They are my family and remind me that I am lucky in so many ways. Remaining in a state of giving of myself to my Fellow Human Beings is the best medicine I can think of. 

So, while I am going through this I will continue to live my truth and care for others. I will pay it forward everyday. I will also realize that there are positives in most situations (I am not naive enough to think that EVERY situation is so) and live IN THE PRESENT!

Join me wontcha?!?!?!

Til next time,


Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hello Luvs,

It is almost the weekend! YAY!!!! I have a short ode/mantra for today brought about by an art piece I noticed on my way out of the PTA Thrift Shop. Enjoy! 


When voices are trying to keep you down
Tell yourself....I AM SOMEBODY
When rejection comes around again
Tell yourself....I AM SOMEBODY
When treated as less than Human
Tell yourself....I AM SOMEBODY
This is your daily mantra
Say it again.....I AM SOMEBODY

Til next time,


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Take Me As I Am.....

Hello Luvs,

I hope you week has started off well. Below is my quick ode to loving yourself and all your imperfections. ENJOY!

I CHOOSE to share my light...
Take Me As I Am

There was no mistake here
Though the blemishes shows all too clear
The wants, needs, and curious objections
Knowing that my choices were the only options
I will not say that every decision made
Was wise beyond my years
More than likely most were made from fear
The fear of no love, respect, or knowledge
That I truly had something to give
Looking around for validation
From others whom were not clearly an option
Who could give me the ok
Saying....hey be wide awake
Because if you are not, there will be obstacles
Those that drag down the beauty within
The soul who always looked to take care
After swearing to always be there
There to pick them up, give kind words, and the shirt off her back
There was no mistake here
Because I am what I am
With all the laugh lines, scars, and naivety
Of the child who grew up too soon
For this is the jewel that you see
Looking up while buried undersea
Gasping for breath and trying to hold on
To the humanity strongly felt since very young
So don't ask me to see
The only obstacle is me
So you have no other choice
To take me with a quivering voice
Because I am what I am

When I close my eyes...oh the beauty I see!

Til next time,


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweet Words...

Hello Luvs,

Some sweet words for you......ENJOY!

Luv of nature....

If a capsule of hope would be
The mouth saying the words 
To Me
Is enough to sustain the need
To search out the wants
I Need
More than the quest I set on
Luv of books!
The bench that I rest on
With Thee
I shout to the world
I am the life and breath
Following Glee
The hope, needs, and quest said aloud
Are all met and found
I see

Luv of food...breakfast for kiddos...
Love is a need that is craved by everyone. Something unconditional that holds us up, sets us straight, and redeems our day. May we all find this through our passions and relationships because WE ALL deserve to be loved. Let's make this holiday a year round event where we share our admiration and appreciation consistently. One day a year should not be the tradition we continue. May we aim toward love and compassion toward those both close and far away.
Luv of clouds...

Til next time,


Friday, February 12, 2016

Taking in the Positives and Negatives...

Hello Luvs,

Happy Friday! Hope your week has been going well. We are preparing ourselves for snow. The streets have been brined and the areas seem prepared. We bought milk (if your stomach becomes easily upset DO NOT READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!) and nutella for hot chocolate. 
The pic to give you happy thoughts BEFORE  my story.

The milk we purchased from Whole Foods. There is a milk brand sold in a glass bottle that we love. However, I now have reason to really think about buying it again. This is where things get gross...I am warning you! Read on at your own risk!!!! I grabbed a gallon bottle and checked the date. All was right as rain at this time. Purchased and placed it in the back of the car. Once we arrived at the hotel I picked up the bottle and noticed things floating in the milk. I knew what there were, but I could not bring myself to admit it. I walked it in and showed the Hubster. He CONFIRMED IT!!!! What was floating in it was mouse droppings! If you have read some of my older blogs you know about my fear of mice and anything associated with them. It is not rational how I react but it is a phobia that I have been unable to overcome. So, back to Whole Foods it must go...I have to shake my head and hold down what wants to come up just typing this. Ok....all done! Now on to where we are in our journey toward a nomadic lifestyle.

This cutie bring his books wherever he goes...
Wow, now I know why it takes most people a minute to finally take the leap on leaving all behind....especially when you have children. There have been some challenges we've experienced this week whether it is health related or finding just the right situation. You can be sure that we are becoming educated on the various types of RV's, tractor trailers, and Fifth wheels (are the latter two consider RV's?). I have seen about a dozen...oh no wait...two hundred pictures that have included every type of layout under the sun, and we still have not made a decision!

As we try to find our right fit we have been looking into Airbnbs. Trying to find one that accepts dogs has been a challenge. Who would not want to schedule a booking with this cutie>>>>>>>>   vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv   >>>>>>

Princess Goldie
Something that has been a little troubling about the three listings we have reached out to has been that either it is not available because they have friends coming to town (without being blocked off in the listing) or not having the listing cleaned and/or stocked with linens and internet not set up (even though the listing is online with those as an option). I am not sure why they would be up on the site if that is the case for any of these. Maybe I am clueless because it is new to me? I know that the right one is there for us...hopefully our bill for the hotel will not bankrupt us... :-)

Cloud gazing at night....pure bliss!
The plus to all this is that while living in the hotel we see that we can indeed live in a smaller living space. Pretty sure having a tv has helped the kiddos feel better about it. As parents however we are battling constantly to find a balance. Oh....and the commercials! I HAVE NOT MISSED THEM!!! No one is stepping all over each other, and the Hubster has found a way to work in his own space. I guess you could say that it has been a bit of a trial run. The only issue has been having only one bathroom. Finding a way to make that work will be an immediate priority at our next digs.

I will probably be filling you in soon about our next move that could take shape tomorrow, so be sure to check back! Following me would be even better!

Til next time,


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why I Have So Much Hope....!

*Started this last night, and finished this morning...*

Hello Again Luvs,

It is a rarity for me to write twice in one day, but I find the need to express my joy and hope for the country I live in. I believe it would be a disservice to myself to live in fear and not speak my truth and appreciation in regard to Bernie Sanders. Please read on....

To ensure a win we need to vote!
He is a person I have admired for years. While listening to various radio stations (since I did not/and still do not watch a lot of television) I would smile as this gravely and passionate (most times extremely lively) voice spoke about issues that were/are close to my heart. Whenever there was something happening that benefited veterans and middle class families he would be interviewed. If there was a person speaking out and then voting against the Iraq was Sanders. If the host was trying to get an upfront and honest no holds barred opinion...there was Sanders.

The Hubster and I have been fans immediately upon becoming aware of him. Our appreciation for him has been long standing and unwavering. We would constantly discuss the dream of having him run for President. If he did, then we would vote for him. We would speak to all who would listen about where he stands. It was simply a dream until not too long ago. Now he is running for President and it makes my heart sing. We believed that he was too honest and too straight forward. Sanders would be a blip because he is a self-proclaimed Socialist. My oh my were we wrong, and we could not be more happy to admit it. With a head-to-head result in Iowa and then a blow out in New Hampshire it is now clear that he is a serious contender.
When someone says his opponent is the only one fighting for gay rights they are simply mistaken...Bernie has always done so...even BEFORE it was mainstream!

Being a Democrat for as long as I have been able to vote there have been politicians who have come and gone that I have felt varying degrees of admiration. Trusting an elected official is not a natural thing because more often than not they tell you what you want to hear then switch gears once they are elected. I have met a few in person, and the feeling I got when speaking with them was unsettling. The tone of an honest and sincere person was not present. Instead, in its place was a slick disingenuous chameleon standing in front of me with a haunting smile. That in itself left me to continually vote for the lessor of two evils over and over.
Partnered to bring about historic legislation for vets!

That Luvs is no way to vote....but it is/was what is seemed...the result of a political structure that is lacking or better yet, broken. When it is said that money and corruption exist in the current political system it is an understatement. That is where Bernie comes in....

I could tell from the very beginning that he was there for the people who needed him no matter what. He was the voice that was loud and vocal on issues that truly mattered. Bernie fights the fight for middle class families, minorities, woman, gay rights, and veterans among other groups who NEED someone to speak up for them. Not only does he live it, but he has been living it for his entire career. His stance on the issues that matter to most of the population residing in the U.S. has always been to ensure that we all have a level playing field which enables us a better life.

Enough said!
One of the main issues that he faces is with voting minorities. This is something that baffles my mind! He is running against an opponent whose name is easily recognizable and it seemed to guarantee her victory. No need to mention her by name because you know of whom I speak. Just because your husband laid the tracks down with these groups should not guarantee that you are a completely natural fit for the position. Don't get me started on the husband/wife dynamic. That in itself should not be going on and/or legal. To say YOU can be President then see a father and son (with another son running) then a husband then wife go after it is beyond craziness! Yes, I agree that she is smart and savvy. That does not make her the best choice. What makes the best and only choice is someone who had long ago stood up minorities (even before it was cool), gay marriage (long ago when it wasn't main stream and ok to do so), and veterans (because it was the right thing to do for those who sacrificed for this country).

He has ALWAYS fought this fight...check his record!
Being a proud African-American Woman I know the obstacles that face Women (not to mention Women of Color). I have aslo felt the pain of living paycheck to paycheck because our family is middle class. On top of that being a contractor and not driven by money obtaining insurance is another uphill battle. He speaks to all of this with a genuine voice and has ALWAYS done so.

This being said, Bernie Sanders is the only PERSON in this race who has spoken up and said "I'll be damned!", over and over to all who would listen. He would stand up AND get things done. I do not care what package he comes in. I do not care that he is a Socialist, Jewish, stark white haired, and more mature than who he is running against (even thought he is in great health). It is his heart that he wears on his sleeve, the passion in which he speaks, and his unflinchingly clear headed approach in which he works that says....HE IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME!

Lastly, I know there are people who will say how dare you not vote for the woman who is running for President! Well, to that I say look at her record, look at who she aligns herself with, and how she changes to fit a need in the moment swaying back and forth the way a yo-yo does in the wind. That is not someone I wish to vote for whether they are male or female. Of course I would love to see a female President....I however would like that to be Elizabeth Warren.

Til next time,


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hello Luvs,

Quick ode to break up so many words being thrown at you!


Not a mistake 
The words I say
No regrets
For the jumps I made
Given time to reflect
If I did my best
Was there more to give
For the life I live

Ethereal canvas in which to craft your bliss...
Would I wish
For a fluffed up mess
To restore my need
To relieve the grief
Of the things I screamed
As I crawled toward my dream
A future in fog
Somewhere to belong

Still no mistake
For the wisdom it gave
The life I have lived
Still much more left to give
No regrets
For expectations not met
Not sure where they are
Of the far

I love the chance
To twirl a dance
Filled with jumps and twirls
Holding out for the chance
For you have my hand
We are bonded and will mend
All that happened before
Lingers no more

Til next time,


Monday, February 8, 2016

Living with our current situation and excited for our future adventures....

Hello Luvs,

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well. 

Mama Bear and kiddos...quality time
Mine was filled with an endless migraine that was not only jabbing through my temples, but also behind my eyes and ears. Not sure if any of you can relate to severe migraines. Migraines that last for days. My latest spell was five days in length, and boy am I glad that I have some semblance of relief. I do not write about it often because I know that it would be a constant subject of my odes, stories, and blogs. Instead I decided to write when I was able to add a vein of bliss.

The view on the way to the hotel.
This last bout smacked me in the face like a cold spiky fish and said that in order to be truly authentic and honest I need include these very significant events into some of my writing. Maybe some will stop reading while others shout an 'Amen' because they have had the same experiences. The times when no matter what it is it begins to measure your movements and slow you down to a snail's pace. That was me, and I can tell you that my family finds the predicament to be unsettling. The Hubster steps up as usual and tries to allow me some rest time. However, being the person I am (right or wrong...ok...wrong!) I still insist on trying to do everything. When will I learn to accept help when it is given? Not sure....but I know that it stems from previous experiences when said help led to negative situations.
My solo trek to the library.

So, now on to the status of where we are at this moment. Currently we are still in a hotel suite and the person at the front desk has been very accomodating and reduced our cost twice in different ways. The kiddos luv staying here because there is an inside pool. I went with them yesterday for about an hour and a half and it was amazing. Looking up through the skylights as trees swayed during 45 degreee weather with us being in a pool that is heated. Bliss.....

His Royal Highness Nanda...!
We have wittled down boxes and have most of our items fitting into  the van. That is pretty good for a family of four where the children tend to start collections of all types. Of course we offered an incentive that they jumped at. We paid them per box donated. That might sound a bit wonky until you hear where the items went and where the money goes. The stuffed animals were donated to the animal shelter. The books (minus a few we will try to sell at a resale book store), clothing, toys, and household items went to the PTA Thrift Shop because they donate money to the schools in the district. Where is the money going? Well it goes into their savings accounts at the Credit Union which we opened recently and guarantees that they will be members for life. When all is said and done we felt as parents that it helped to go this route versus either keeping the items or forcing them to part with all of it just because we said so.
Close up of a geode....

This brings me to a little (no huge!) side note. A wonderful friend I adore responded to my last blog with a suggestion that we jumped on. This past Saturday (yes, I did this with a migraine that would have taken down King Kong) we went to the free free market. The kids had picked out some stuffed animals and books. We were so excited that we would get to see who was picking out the items and offer some history if they asked. When we arrived the experience left me flabbergasted. I walked up, said hi to my friend, and found a spot to set the items up. There was a mature woman who was standing next to my friend that followed me over to my spot. Silly me...I thought that she was there to help me set up since she was opening the box when it was half way down to the ground. WRONG! She wanted to grab the items out of the box first. Once the box was on the ground I was surrounded. It was like a swarm of bees! There were other grown women attacking the box like a Macy's 75% off (+additional 5% off sale). To be honest...I am surprised that I did not lose an arm with only a nub of an arm coming back to me. It was that bad. Add the fact that my kiddos never made it to me. I was like....WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN! They were not able to make it past the front line. People started grabbing at the boxes while they were carrying them to the spot. That was when I made the decision to NEVER do something like that again. My children do not need battle scars from trying to do something good and generous. That is why our final decisions made sense. At least with the PTA the kids will not be almost knocked over, and the animal shelter front desk gives a simple "Thanks!". I am sure that other places that offer that are not like this one (my friend actually validated it with another place to go next time). So when I say never I mean maybe.
Last bit of cuteness...Princess Goldie working on her first novel! ;-)

Ok, I know, I digressed. I will leave you with our thoughts about what to do next. We are looking to buy an RV that will tow our Prius. It will be more self containded with a vehicle that is extremely fuel efficient to drive around during our stops. Once we find one I will be sure to share pictures. Until then, you will have to be satisfied with my ramblings.

Til next time,


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cleansing yourself of the chaos that is too much stuff....

Hello Luvs,

I didn't expect to be writing again so soon, but I thought that what I am going through might resonate with others. If while reading this you receive a helpful idea or want to share your experience I would love to hear about it. Just click the comment section below.

After the decision was partially made by us (yet ultimately made by others) to live even more simply we have known there was a battle ahead. I mentioned the fact that Baby Boy and Girl tend to accumulate items. Though they do not have as much as the typical child they still have more than either Josh or I are comfortable with. Yeah, I know! We could have said no or instituted a rule of receive one and one must go. Why do you think I need to express this....I AM LOST. They have collected stuffed animals, legos, plushies, go-gos, various other toys/stuffed animals, and most of all books. The latter makes us feel great because reading is such a necessary activity that expnds the mind. The other items have come into our lives as display. They are not played with very often (especially the stuffed animals). That is my problem with the toys. 

So, why would I have issues with the books....? Really I don't but I do have issue with them gathering dust. When they come into our lives they are read front to back and then again. There a few exceptions to the rules which is great. For the ones that have not seen the light of day in a year....they need a new home. Time for someone else to have the pleasure of discovering them. to get Baby Girl and Boy onboard. I had a conversation with them about the realization we had when trying to get rid of things before the move. Then having to transport what they decided to keep. It was tremendously eye opening. We are failing at this. 
Second location in Carrboro....

Materialism is a trait that is rampant. It drives society to crazy things that most often leads down a slippery slope. What we need for our survival is not what it seems in literal terms. We need food, shelter, love, compassion, and safety. We DO NOT NEED 150 stuffed animals, 50 pairs of shoes, multiple pairs of the 'it' jeans, or enough handbags to start our own store. 

Admittedly I am guilty of the last one. A self professed lover of bags is what I am. I have no particular style I prefer other than no logos all over it (exception is some vintage Gucci styles), and I own many more than I should. Vintage bags rock my world, but do I need so many? Of course I don't. In order to be true to my stance I had to walk the walk and show it in action. I did... There is a crazy amount of bags and shoes I donated along with lots of other things to the PTA Thrift Shop. What is wonderful about their organization is that they donate funds to all the local schools. That made me feel better about parting with these things. Add to that the fact that several of them had not been utilized in a long time. So, as I stated to the kiddos...someone else should discover the pleasure of using them. Are you buying it? I hope so, because I am going to live this motto going forward.

Princess Goldie (her birthday today!) the guard dog...Mama DO NOT TOUCH these books!
*So, this blog is in two parts because I was interrupted. In the time between signing out and back in my son has decided that he wants to keep all his books. What he said before has changed. Books that had no relevance are now essential. I feel like a parent who is too demanding by expecting him to keep his world. Now I am in a predicament. why I need you! Give me some advice and/or share your experience of paring down. As you can see from the picture I will have my work cut out for me since they represent only 20 percent of the actual amount. Jalen has 40 percent as much as Myles. ARGH!

Til next time,


Monday, February 1, 2016

BIG Changes are Coming!

Hello Luvs,
No looking back....only forward

I come to you today (actually yesterday...what was I thinking with a two day sale?!?!) while waiting the arrival of a potential buyer at my moving/yard sale. I have been hinting about changes and it is that time. Through a series of events we have had our plans turned upside down. My how life is beautiful! Why would I say beautiful? Well, it is really never good to force things. You might end up getting just what you asked for...that it is, something that in the end will not make you happy. It was just the thought of that potential circumstance that had you stargazing. I believe that right now, here, in this moment I am on the course that I SHOULD BE ON. I have given in to the lesson that my life is trying to clarify.....when I say clarify I mean pound me over the head! And yet again the word beautiful comes to mind.

Have you had times when you've found multiple events blocking your way no matter how you try to dodge them? Where you think that if you push just a little harder your perserverance will pay off. Only to find that the boyfriend/girlfriend (whom you knew was destined to be your spouse) was ultimately not that right fit, that place you jumped through hoops to rent has a nightmare neighbor, or that the dress you knew would be perfect for the event kept riding up and had you flashing your unmentionables? If you thought yes to any of those questions you know my plight.
The Hubster and I with the kiddos and our dog...

So, what is one to do? Not try....never even attempt? No, I am definitely not saying that. There are times when you dream of a different life that you feel will help you soar. You hesitiate because it is not the life that others see for you, and they end up being a big factor in your decision. 

The Hubster and I usually abide by 'the one year rule'. We will give it a try and put our full effort into it. Not sure if the displeasure of moving (the kiddos accummulate stuff no matter how we try!) or something else. We had different plans for ourselves that were still in play earlier this week. They fell through!!!! So, we made a decision to finally live our dream. Living the nomadic lifestyle that is.... 

As of midnight we will be in a hotel, then maybe an airbnb, then an rv....there I SAID IT!!!!! Yaaaay! I will be checking in more often, and I hope that you will come back often. Having you along on this journey makes you part of my village. That Luvs makes you family!

Til next time,