Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When you look at me.....

Hello Luvs,

Below is a poem that I am writing in the moment about self-image, and the judgement many make because of the way you look. There are many who decide you are either lessor than or unworthy just because of your outward appearance. It is past time to let these ideas fall by the wayside. We need to make our decisions based on the merit of the individual and not immediately discount them. ENJOY.....

When you look at me
Do you see the years of struggle
Of a Woman who knows who she is
Or just another person taking up space

When you look at me 
Do you see a nose too wide
Lips too big
Color too dark
Hair not kinky enough
While standing too high

When you loook at me
Do you see a Mother of two
A wife of many years
 A daughter far away from family
Who chose this into being

When you look at me 
Are my patterns too bold
Skirt too short
Eyeliner too wide
And eyes too large

When you look at me
Do you see the Woman I am
A Woman who long ago
Decided to take her own road
Met with many harsh judgements
Because I did not fit the mold
The mold of those whom came before me
Forged a path that has
Helped me live my dream
A dream of passion with soul fulfillment the goal

For this no longer chipped front tooth- made me
One eye drooping slightly- made me
The acne scars from youth- made me
The  husk in my voice- made me
The eyes lasered clean- made me

I no longer hold the pain
Of the loss of the idoled Man
Human scarred by the war fought
For another
Coming home lost like his brothers

I no longer hold the pain
That used to guide relationships
Without the male role model
That no longer existed
Though family is big 
They did not step in
For they were still boys
In the bodies of men

I no longer hold the pain
Of a Mother sent drifting
The love of her life
Who long ago went missing
The task of raising
Four future Women
Without the support
That should have been a given

For these trials- made me
The bad relationships- made me
The struggles for survival- made me
The tears that I shed- made me

Made me someone who knows
To learn from the past
To appreciate life
And to look at each glasss
As half full, not half empty
Though it might seem naive
I will fight for my village
Til my very last breath

So, when you look at me 
What do you see
Is it a mirror image
Of your own destiny
To become the Human Being
Who decides to no longer
Jump to conclusions
About the person behind the counter

Til next time,