Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Value of Art in the life of a child.....

Hello Luvs,

Today's blog will be short and sweet. I attended a Banned Books Art Event (in which I was a judge) last night and one of the artists who was chosen to be printed was 12 years old. Her parents did not inform her about this, and she found out when she walked in and saw her work enlarged. That my dears if a Heart Happy moment. The fire that is within that child has been tended and fed. I know that she will go on to do great things because she is truly talented.

So what happens to a child who has an artistic talent but does not receive praise or support? There is the chance that nothing will come of his or her passion. Yes, there are occasions when the person perseveres and finds themself living their dream. Unfortunately more often than not they don't. 

I have a profound sense of sadness when writing that because I know that it should not be the case. I have seen first hand how art expression has lifted a child out of their negative surroundings and given them a sense of self-confidence and helped them to shine. Art CAN do this. In it's many forms whether it is visual or performance based it can change the road that child is on.....even their destiny. Maybe they will not become an artist, but instead have confidence to to embrace another passion. The point is not to turn out more artists necesssarily. The goal is to give them wings in which they use to soar to their own personal destination.

We all need wings to fly....

Though the words may escape me
I see you
When the rest of the world says no
I support you
Down the road that you travel
I will guide you
No matter what it takes of me
I will embrace you

For YOU are the change
I have seen
A young mind who has yet
Realized their dream
The seed thirsty for knowledge
WE will water you
With kind words and the belief
That YOU are what's true

Til next time,


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