Saturday, September 19, 2015

Past Time for the Underdogs and People Who LIVE by their conscious!

Hello Luvs,

If you have had the chance to follow my periscopes (@katsmeoww11) lately you have probably heard  me talk about the trials I have been going through. It has been an uphill battle trying NOT to be dragged down by anothers negative outlook and actions. I strive to learn from my mistakes and live a life without dishonestly and selfishness. I witness these traits around me, and it really bothers me that others choose to live the exact opposite truth. 

I continue to feel like THE UNDERDOG....the one who spins a wheel trying over and over to do the right thing, but in turn receives no support and/or instead receives negative consequences for being true to myself. I know that I am not alone. Others like me are out there. We hear that if you work hard, do your best, work on your craft, and put your positives out there you will be rewarded for it. In truth I am seeeing the opposite. I see those who do not do the right thing, climb over others to succeed, place a fake fascade out there for the world, and only think of themselves succeeeding. There is something fundamentally wrong with that! When people say 'pull yourselves up by your boot straps' I want to scream! Guess what people...some do not even OWN said boots and their straps are ripping!
Words to live by....

So why is it this way? When did we become a society where people, no matter how much they put out there, still have an uphill battle? When did we switch and become no longer about the village and more about 'ME'? When did we lose site that when we help the lesser than we become stronger as a unit? Lastly, when did we decide that even when we see a child in harms way we weigh our liability BEFORE we decide to jump?

Well, the good news is that just as much as there are people who lead this charge of negativity there are others (even though the number seem fewer) that WILL jump in and help their fellow Human Being. There are those WHO WILL offer kind words to someone when needed. People who see a need and step in to fill it!
Key word...OUR!

So, who are you? Are you an underdog? If so, I am glad to be in the club with you! Let's band together and change the odds. Let's flip the table over, smash it, and build a new one. One that is designed for a community in which an invitiation to join is a given. That is the world I wish for myself, my children, you, your children, and ALL the generations of Human Beings to come!!!!

Til next time,


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