Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oak City Comic Show

Hello Luvs,

Happy Sunday! My day started off with a class for kiddos at a studio. There was twirling, bouncing, singing, and laughter. It does my heart good to hear and see such things.

The next thing on the agenda was the Oak City Comic Show in Raleigh. I kept referring to it as Comic Con and Baby boy made sure to correct me. This was a day for him to enjoy what he loves....and boy did he!

When we walked in we witnessed people who took cosplay to a new degree. There were a few Captain Americas. Deadpools, and Harley Quinns. but only one Rocket Raccoon (and Mega Man). As you probably guessed...he took the top spot. Enjoy the pics...and let your inner child out!

Scary and Pretty at the same time!
Mega Man in slow-mo

Come here Rocket!
Awaiting results....
Halrley Quinn...great sense of humor.

Pic does not do her justice...SUBLIME!

Rocket...quit flirting-Well Velma is a Vixen...carry on!
Riddle me this...

Til next time,


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