Saturday, August 22, 2015

The CIRCUS that is back to school shopping...

Hello Luvs,

Thinking of the maragarita I will be having later...
Hope that your week went well. Did it go by as fast as it did for me? I thought I would share today's experience with others who may have had similar outings over the last week or so. Today was the day I tackled Baby Girl and Boy's back to school shopping. Original plan was for both the Hubster and me to both be there. Because tomorrow involves a music session and the Leumr Center it would be TOO BONKERS to attempt to do so after. I could not imagine doing what we did today in a 2-3 hour window. Would have possibly had to have been hospitalized....NO JOKE.

So, where my parents? I know that even if you are not a parent yet that you were a student once upon a time, so this tale probably still resonates. I visited five stores in search of needed supplies (in which only 3 out of 20 items were on both lists). There had to be negotiation with Baby Girl because there were several things NOT on the list that managed to end up in her cart. Oh, I didn't mention that she needed her own because their supplies could not be mixed up...nevermind the fact that each had their own sheet list so seperating them would not be a problem. Hey, I have learned when to pick my battles and this was one in which I gladly surrendered.

The aisles were not much wider than this nest.
Throughout the day I witnessed the best and worst of society. I thanked a gentleman who actually held the door for about 20 people before he went into a store. Most of these people did not offer up a nod or smile as a sign of recogintion for his simple act of chivalry. He smiled and said it was not a problem. What a guy! I don't think I should recount the visit at this me shivers just thinking about it! Then not ten minutes later a couple in a huge SUV started speeding through the parking lot trying to get to a spot. They were very close to my son but that did not deter them. They didn't get the spot of course.

At our next stop we found ourselves in the midst of a hurricane of folders, markers, and pencils. Not enough room to make it past another with a cart, yet somehow folks managed to squeeze in and reach over others. To keep my sanity I had to continaully do yoga breaths. I am sure those around me thought I was huffing and puffing....because I had to close my eyes, or concentrate on the feel of the cart under my hands to center myself and basically NOT LOSE IT! I have my trials just like everyone else, and today truly tested me.
Whisper words of kindness and compassion

So, hopping on to our next stop. At this store (notice I am not mentioning the names...publicity was not their shortcoming...all of them were busting at the seams) we FINALLY found a backpack large enough for everything Baby Girl insists on carrying. I had everything prepared. I even had the discount code cued up on my phone! After waiting in line for 15 minutes I realized I left my credit card in the seat of the car. Must have sat on it when I got back in from buying gas. Luckily it was there and not on the ground at that stop 20 minutes away. So, ya guessed it....I had to get out of line, go out and get the card, and get back in line.

Now....are you getting a sense of the days missteps/frustrations? There were more, but I think you get it.  I say all of this because in the end...the satisfaction my kiddos feel because they are now prepared to start their new year is priceless. I might have some battle scars, but they are all worth it!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oak City Comic Show

Hello Luvs,

Happy Sunday! My day started off with a class for kiddos at a studio. There was twirling, bouncing, singing, and laughter. It does my heart good to hear and see such things.

The next thing on the agenda was the Oak City Comic Show in Raleigh. I kept referring to it as Comic Con and Baby boy made sure to correct me. This was a day for him to enjoy what he loves....and boy did he!

When we walked in we witnessed people who took cosplay to a new degree. There were a few Captain Americas. Deadpools, and Harley Quinns. but only one Rocket Raccoon (and Mega Man). As you probably guessed...he took the top spot. Enjoy the pics...and let your inner child out!

Scary and Pretty at the same time!
Mega Man in slow-mo

Come here Rocket!
Awaiting results....
Halrley Quinn...great sense of humor.

Pic does not do her justice...SUBLIME!

Rocket...quit flirting-Well Velma is a Vixen...carry on!
Riddle me this...

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Friday, August 7, 2015

What Music RESONATES with you?

Hello Luvs,

Happy Friday! Every day should be a day to celebrate your gifts....whatever they may be. For me, the best gift has ALWAYS been music! I think back to when it became so important to me and it seems impossible. The love of music has been ingrained in me as far back as I can remember. There was not a time when I wasn't in love with a particular genre and surrounded myself by it's deliciousness.

Bessie Smith- music that reverberates in the soul!

Some of my fondest memories are of watching my mother or one of their siblings raise both arms in the air and exclaim, "This is my jam!" They would sing, dance, and snap their fingers to anything from the Four Tops to Player's Baby Come Back (my Uncle John's fav!). These occasions left me giggling while at the same time wanting the same sense of joy I was witnessing.

So, growing up I continually sought out Musicals to sing along to in addition to musicians that most of my family did not subscribe or listen to. I was (am) the child who will listen to music ranging from metal to gospel and all the others in between. At different times in my life these works filled a void and helped me escape my worry at that moment in time. I knew I still would have to deal with the problems, but at that moment ALL were temporarily silenced. While soothing my troubled soul they were at the same time liberating me from the status quo. I was not interested in just simply listening to Gospel and R&B (though I listened to them also) but in addition The Who and Led Zeppelin. There was the comment here and there...what is Kathy (what only my family calls em) listening to? Add to that breaking out in the showtune 'I Feel Pretty' from West Side Story and you could imagine how I became the child that no one understood.
Zeppelin-music that dreams are made of..from

To put it bluntly, I AM OK WITH THAT! I feel as if too many people try to fit themselves into that bubble others need them to be in. What ends up happening is that we find ourselves with VERY unhappy adults. Adults who have trouble emphathizing with others and holding their feelings in. Allowing music to help us express those feelings allows us to cope in a healthy way. Who doesn't see the need for more emotionally healthy adults?
West Side Story- Movie of memories!

So, the next time you feel like listening to Meatloaf, Patsy Cline, or Jimi Hendrix do so for you, your health, and the rest of the world. Because when you are happy and well adjusted the rest of the world benefits.

Til next time,