Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today is ALL ABOUT Positivity...

Happy Wednesday Luvs,

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It is going to be a short one today. I have set a goal to embrace the positive of what I truly have right now and how I can use it to change my outlook toward the obstacles that continue to plague me. 

Do you ever have obstacles that seem to come into your life as if on a repeat loop? Well, I have. With all the positive attributes I feel I have I continue to place road blocks in my way over and over. The Hubster says that I am too naive and trusting. Yes, I am...this I know! I take many at their word and do not recognize the signals that say maybe, just maybe, this person is out for themselves and not interested in what is best, or at the very least, not harmful to me..

I know that I am not alone in this. So, now we have to decide whether or not that person's perspective will be a driving force in our reality....RIGHT?!? I tend to bend my actions in order to accept the negative and immediately find a solution. That is my personality. I need to find the solution to the problem immediately. The truth is (and I am now admitting) that this approach is probably not the best. I really should step back or away from the situation, weigh everything, and approach it from a new angle. Maybe an angle that I was not seeing because of my need to rush and attack the situation.

A new bloom!
This morning I decided to do just that. I have a few things going on right now that are zapping my psyche. When I took Goldie for a walk this morning I did a photo journal of what I observed. When I walked her previously I would try to forget too much and in turn not fully embrace what was around me. Like these...

The neighbor's blooms surrounding their mailbox

This in turn gave me inspiration for today's blog along with what I can do for others as a way to brighten my inner light. I am a firm believer that what you put out into the world has an affect. It is up to each of us to decide if we want to make the world better or more toxic. I know several people who have chosen the latter, and I for one would not like to follow them down that rabbit hole. 

So, what is it you want to put out there? I would love to know!

Til next time,


P.S. So it wasn't so short after all!!! ;-)


  1. I'm focusing on moving forward in the face of challenge. To not get emotionally bogged down when I come up against critisism and conflict. To just smile and keep walking my path.

    1. I think that you are doing what is healthier for you. Have you found that giving back positivity or just not taking part surprises them? An ex- friend (who I thankfully no longer have in my life) thrived on the chaos and drama. I would walk away as craziness ensued and it mad her even more furious.