Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Saturday Ramblings...

Hello Luvs,

Happy Saturday! I hope that today is a day of bliss for you. Just being able to appreciate having the ability to embrace what is around you is a gift.

Today's blog finds me needing to get something off my chest. I am prepared to lose followers on twitter, facebook, along with readers of this blog. But it is something I need to express.

There is a consistent population of people who want to use their religious beliefs to pass judgement on others. Hiding behind their religion is a way to justify not TRULY  being a giving, compassionate, inclusive person. Even though many religions preach kindness toward others I find them lacking.

I know people who are gay, transgender, and bi-sexual. They come in many shades of skin tone, humor, outlook toward life, and conditions of treatment toward others. They are musicians, stylists, actors, teachers, and nurses among others. They have talents both realized and yet to be realized. All-in-all they have the same hang-ups as people who consider themselves straight. The difference is that they love someone who does not fit into societies standard of NORMAL. That is something that needs to change. 

Don't get me wrong, we are all Human Beings that make mistakes. Some that have devastating consquences and others that change the course of someone close to us. To place someone's sexuality as the cause for good and/or bad things that happen in their lives is plain wrong. Why do people do that?

It broke my heart to hear sermons condemning someone that I love to an afterlife in purgatory simply because of their sexuality. It was EXTREMELY troubling. It is one of the reasons why I believe that there is something good in all religions, and it is MAN putting his slant on it that turns it's course toward the negative. 

Other than who they love these people are kind, generous, inclusinve individuals. The have their good points and their faults. They give of themselves unconditionally over and over again. I will be damned if I let another day go by without saying that I am sickened by others being so blinded. They are individuals who deserve love and companionship. They also deserve to make the same mistakes that straight people do.

The fact that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states probably maddens those who do not approve of their lifestyle. They now own the same capacity to divorce, build up their family units, along with any other tribulation that comes along with having a spouse. The thing is, I know of several gay couples that have been together for almost as long as I have been alive...some even longer. While several straight couples I know have seen their families torn apart by divorce, infidelity, and the destruction of their family unit. They have done the most insensitive, unforgivable, and dumbfounding things they place on others out of fear and lack of understanding. However, many of them fall on religion for their forgiveness. Instead of changing the person they are. To be a more open, kind, forgiving person who seeks to do the right thing FROM THE BEGINNING is something they should aspire to be.

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