Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today is ALL ABOUT Positivity...

Happy Wednesday Luvs,

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It is going to be a short one today. I have set a goal to embrace the positive of what I truly have right now and how I can use it to change my outlook toward the obstacles that continue to plague me. 

Do you ever have obstacles that seem to come into your life as if on a repeat loop? Well, I have. With all the positive attributes I feel I have I continue to place road blocks in my way over and over. The Hubster says that I am too naive and trusting. Yes, I am...this I know! I take many at their word and do not recognize the signals that say maybe, just maybe, this person is out for themselves and not interested in what is best, or at the very least, not harmful to me..

I know that I am not alone in this. So, now we have to decide whether or not that person's perspective will be a driving force in our reality....RIGHT?!? I tend to bend my actions in order to accept the negative and immediately find a solution. That is my personality. I need to find the solution to the problem immediately. The truth is (and I am now admitting) that this approach is probably not the best. I really should step back or away from the situation, weigh everything, and approach it from a new angle. Maybe an angle that I was not seeing because of my need to rush and attack the situation.

A new bloom!
This morning I decided to do just that. I have a few things going on right now that are zapping my psyche. When I took Goldie for a walk this morning I did a photo journal of what I observed. When I walked her previously I would try to forget too much and in turn not fully embrace what was around me. Like these...

The neighbor's blooms surrounding their mailbox

This in turn gave me inspiration for today's blog along with what I can do for others as a way to brighten my inner light. I am a firm believer that what you put out into the world has an affect. It is up to each of us to decide if we want to make the world better or more toxic. I know several people who have chosen the latter, and I for one would not like to follow them down that rabbit hole. 

So, what is it you want to put out there? I would love to know!

Til next time,


P.S. So it wasn't so short after all!!! ;-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Follow Your Bliss....

Hello Luvs,

We are ALL part of this planet...
Let's talk about what it means to 'follow your bliss'. It means so many things to so many different people. It can be something that is in the moment or a life goal. Tackling a goal and finally achieving it is an easy one that most relate to. I know plenty where just lying on a hammock and feeling the breeze surround you fits the bill. Is that you? Well, for me that is a given...with a glass of green tea or a margartia added to the mix of course!

Don't forget to look up!
Today started with the goal of embracing the blissful moments that were due to come my way. Do not get me wrong, I have plenty of moments that dare me to pull my fro-hawk (heard that word before?) out because of the frustration. It takes a tremendous amount of effort not to and being a work in progress helps me cut myself some slack. Anyhow, the first order of business was to rise before the rest of the family and do yoga. I then took out long haired, long tongued, prima donna Goldie for a walk. After that I taught a class for two brothers that centered on Sly and the Family Stone. A morning DOES NOT get better than that!

So, now it was time to include my kiddos in on the plan...once I got them motivated to leave the house. If you are a parent I ask you this...does it seem as if they are alert and roaring to go when you need a restful day, then when you are jazzed you could take on the world they plop on the sofa and say do we have to? That is my experience. But, today my tone must have persuaded them because they were ready BEFORE I finished my last thing.

Baby Boy keeping his distance while enjoying the beauty.
Hello Big Boy!
There is a place that our family loves to visit that often has ducks, dragonflies, and frogs a plenty. Baby Girl and Boy like to capture a frog (making sure to return them to the place they originally found them) and have a quick convo. The walking path surrounds the pond, and there is plenty of shade. I tend to use the pictures I take there in my blogs along with my other sites. When I stepped out from the van I was instantly at ease and guessed it...BLISSFUL. There is just something about this park. Do you have a place that calms you in this way? Where you feel lighter, part of your surroundings, and allow yourself to take in everything around you? I hope you do!

Managed to capture three out of five!
Next up was was on the menu today. While we waited for the estimated time of pick-up we visited the local co-op and let Goldie (did I mention that she came along with us?) relax some more. After all, she has a tough life..;-) This is a place where the vibe is blissful...people are allowed to simply be who they are. You can grab lunch or just sit and people watch. Whatever suits your fancy. It was a wonderful additional reprieve from the heat. Here I snapped a few pictures of the glorious tree that was struck by lightning. Baby girl (who is well past my shoulders now!) seems so small in comparison. It is majestic even with it's flaws. It tells the story of generations of parents embracing the shade it offers, the natural seating it's roots provide, and the towering beauty that seems unmatched.

Baby Girl and her towering friend.......

Still so INCREDIBLY  beautiful!

Poor Miss Goldie....she is tuckered! What a life!!!!

Now we are back home and resuming our individual activites. I am sharing my blissful morning with you and the kiddos have retired to their bedrooms. They are reading, devicing (might not be a word!), or both. I am ok with it because we made the most of our time together and both commented on what a great outing it was. Let me tell ya, it makes me one proud Mama Bear to hear that!

ATTN: I have a call to action for you! I know there lots of you who are reading this blog...I am at almost 9,000 views...YAY! I know you are out Japan, Scotland, China, France, India, here in the Unidted States, just to name a few. I need you to subscribe to this blog. It shows others that this blog has value and resonates. It also helps me establish that I might actually have some writing talent?!?! So, can ya do that for me?

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Friday, July 24, 2015

This Life is for Daydreamers

Hello Luvs,

So, I have been a busy girl! While trying to find a way to earn more income that travels I have come up with some wonderful possibilities. The one that has truly hit home is a book series. I was taking a walk (walking meditation) which helps me focus on my well-being and things I need to address. Well, just under two weeks ago I was looking up at the clouds and I had a EUREKA moment. I should write children's books. They would focus on three main characters with one of them being a...ya guessed it....daydreamer! These books would somehow tie into the album that is almost complete.

Clouds would be the start with other things we take for granted being covered over the rest of the series. More will be shared as I complete each book. So far I have completed two. The first has been recorded. Did I mention that they will start off as audio books? This will enable me to self publish with the book immediately available. 

I am pretty proud of my work so far. However, figuring out how to market them (via whatever social site in necessary) has got me anchored to my computer. I am filling my brain with brand marketing videos, and I have to say that it is pretty overwhelming. I will let you know how it is going along the way. If you have ANY suggestions I would love to hear them. 

I do have something to ask of you. I have two very different renderings of the main characters. I would love to know which one you like! If you could leave a comment below it would be much appreciated. Because it is an audio series these might end up being utilized when I do a paper book for readings/performances.


Black and white

Til next time,


Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Saturday Ramblings...

Hello Luvs,

Happy Saturday! I hope that today is a day of bliss for you. Just being able to appreciate having the ability to embrace what is around you is a gift.

Today's blog finds me needing to get something off my chest. I am prepared to lose followers on twitter, facebook, along with readers of this blog. But it is something I need to express.

There is a consistent population of people who want to use their religious beliefs to pass judgement on others. Hiding behind their religion is a way to justify not TRULY  being a giving, compassionate, inclusive person. Even though many religions preach kindness toward others I find them lacking.

I know people who are gay, transgender, and bi-sexual. They come in many shades of skin tone, humor, outlook toward life, and conditions of treatment toward others. They are musicians, stylists, actors, teachers, and nurses among others. They have talents both realized and yet to be realized. All-in-all they have the same hang-ups as people who consider themselves straight. The difference is that they love someone who does not fit into societies standard of NORMAL. That is something that needs to change. 

Don't get me wrong, we are all Human Beings that make mistakes. Some that have devastating consquences and others that change the course of someone close to us. To place someone's sexuality as the cause for good and/or bad things that happen in their lives is plain wrong. Why do people do that?

It broke my heart to hear sermons condemning someone that I love to an afterlife in purgatory simply because of their sexuality. It was EXTREMELY troubling. It is one of the reasons why I believe that there is something good in all religions, and it is MAN putting his slant on it that turns it's course toward the negative. 

Other than who they love these people are kind, generous, inclusinve individuals. The have their good points and their faults. They give of themselves unconditionally over and over again. I will be damned if I let another day go by without saying that I am sickened by others being so blinded. They are individuals who deserve love and companionship. They also deserve to make the same mistakes that straight people do.

The fact that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states probably maddens those who do not approve of their lifestyle. They now own the same capacity to divorce, build up their family units, along with any other tribulation that comes along with having a spouse. The thing is, I know of several gay couples that have been together for almost as long as I have been alive...some even longer. While several straight couples I know have seen their families torn apart by divorce, infidelity, and the destruction of their family unit. They have done the most insensitive, unforgivable, and dumbfounding things they place on others out of fear and lack of understanding. However, many of them fall on religion for their forgiveness. Instead of changing the person they are. To be a more open, kind, forgiving person who seeks to do the right thing FROM THE BEGINNING is something they should aspire to be.

Til next time,