Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hello Luvs,

A quick ode to my morning thoughts....
Courtesy of Drew Melton- The Phraseology Project


Nevermind my frown
I woke up surrounded by a cloud
Though I admire it's beauty
The darkness still haunts me

Nevermind the words I said
In the moment I forgot my head
Thought venting was the cure
To the frustration that left me torn

Nevermind what you said
I can pretend it was the wind
Angry at being tossed around
Then smashed upon the ground

Nevermind the smile you see
It's just ME being ME
Placing the mask upon my face
To try to keep my heartbeat in place

Nevermind is just a word
Spoken under the breath not truly heard
Not truly expressing your mind
Making sure our feelings are tightly bound

Til next time,


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