Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday's Random Musings

To be in the moment for me is....listening wih my eyes closed and taking in...taking it in

-The sound of the wind blowing through the trees

-The path of pine needles, leaves, and branches blown down by the storm last night into a pattern only Pollock would create

-My children's delight upon discovering their 1-10-15-20th frog on the path and gently placing them back by the water

-The birds across the pond in the tallest tree who sing together in perfect harmony
Another visitor's wonderfiul pic...

-The dragonfly who keeps zig-zagging across my
 path, almost as if saying, follow the leader

-Our chihuahua panting with excitement because she just HAS TO get up to the smell ahead

-The plane in the distance taking who knows who who knows where

-And the sound of my heart reminding me that I AM HERE to take it all in

Til next time,


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