Sunday, April 26, 2015

I WILL NOT be deterred!

Hello Luvs,

It has been a while since I have written a post. I believe it falls in line with my need to express my current circumstance and get some things off my chest in order to move on. That is what this blog is for me. My chance to vent and hopefully put something out there that others relate to and/or feel as if they are not alone. A feeling that resonates.

Even though I have had times when others have blatantly done things to hurt or make me feel lessor than I am still an optimist at heart. The Hubster reminds me that I should not be surprised by others actions. Because unfortunately all in all most people are self-absorbed and only interested in themselves and what affects them. I am sure you have realized that he is a cynic. Opposites in the truest form.   In the instance when someone does something that steps outside themselves and is generous in nature becomes shocking. Something that I would like to see change. Pay it forward when there is no one watching. That is when you are being pure in intention.

So, how do others excuse or push down their negative intentions? There are lots who hide behind their religion. Nevermind the fact that if they truly followed what their religion preaches they would be taking a different path in regard to their treatment of others. In church they are a pillar. But while outside, as their true selves, they are not living the belief system they seem to preach. Others use the excuse that they need to go on the offensive before something is done to them. On top of that there are some who use both. They no longer give anyone the benefit of the doubt and assume everyone is out to get what is theirs. I have so many thoughts about this that could fill ten blogs, but instead I will just say this....ALL of it is a load of crap. Until we lead by example and change the way we relate to others the negative actions taken only lead to more negative actions.

Do I now believe that society as a while is jaded, tainted, and unredeemable? That is truly a daunting question. I do my best to affect those around me with light and passion. Passion for things that bring a smile to your face and remind you to be in the moment and appreciate what surrounds you. Doing walking meditations gives me the opportunity to absorb nature, my inner wellbeing, or quite simply the ground beneath my feet. A clear head is a side affect that reminds me of who I want to be.

Who do I want to be? A learner for life, support system for my children, an entertainer who uses music to bring joy to those who hear and feel my passion for it, and a Human Being who never loses the drive to do positive things even in the face of negative people and circumstances. I will not be deterred from that.

Til next time,