Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The road ahead holds such promise! 

As I drift away I remember the words that were said
To pierce the soul while saying it was for my own good
These words remain long after many scars would have healed
The tiny voice saying LISTEN I mean you no harm

As I drift away I remember the smile that came easily
With a whisper that reminds me that I am truly here
Not to judge or nudge you along your way
Just a brace to hold you when you start to sway

As I drift away I remember the music that filled my soul
It came pouring down like rain at all times of day
Grasping for a napkin, paper roll, or the palm of my hand
Feeling now that this passion is ignited once again

I know that the journey is healthy in so many ways
It points out what is needed or carefully washed away
Rolling along quickly at times then at a snail's pace
Then settling at the spot where I should be today

Til next time,


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