Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Can Feel You....

No matter how I try to deny it
I can feel you
In my back, my neck, even in my toes
You are the pain that reminds me
I AM Here

To love a little more
Fight a little more
Smile a little more
 Keep time a little more
Be HERE a little more

No matter how low I whisper
I cannot deny you
Piece of the puzzle that is my life
A life filled with distractions
Often clouding my actions

    No matter what I say today
I still see you
Arching over me like a rainbow
Where my wishes have potential
To become a reality

No matter how I try to deny it
I can feel you
In my stomach, in my mind, and in my heart
You are the star that shines so brightly
My guide on this journey

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The road ahead holds such promise! 

As I drift away I remember the words that were said
To pierce the soul while saying it was for my own good
These words remain long after many scars would have healed
The tiny voice saying LISTEN I mean you no harm

As I drift away I remember the smile that came easily
With a whisper that reminds me that I am truly here
Not to judge or nudge you along your way
Just a brace to hold you when you start to sway

As I drift away I remember the music that filled my soul
It came pouring down like rain at all times of day
Grasping for a napkin, paper roll, or the palm of my hand
Feeling now that this passion is ignited once again

I know that the journey is healthy in so many ways
It points out what is needed or carefully washed away
Rolling along quickly at times then at a snail's pace
Then settling at the spot where I should be today

Til next time,


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Gratitude

Hello Luvs,

Over the weekend I had reoccuring thoughts of what it means to truly be grateul. It is NOT the polite thank you that sometimes smacks of insincerity. It is the mindset that you realize what you have around you and strive to continually pay it forward and add to this world WE SHARE.

Live in Gratitude....
When I witness random acts of kindness I often wonder after the fact WHY it is so shocking. It gives me renewed hope for my fellow Human Beings, yet at the same time makes me question why this is such an anomaly. When I watch Baby Boy wait at a door for what seems like a long while (because he literally does!) to hold it open for the person approaching it gives me a heart healthy moment. This is not something that we instilled in him. It is his true nature. He does this often at the post office. Most people look down, a huge smile comes to their face, and they thank him for his kindness. Because you have to is pretty adorable. Then when I see someone look down at him with a scour I want to scream....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?

Thinking about it in a moment of reflection I came to this conclusion. They are not grateful for what is around them and are so caught up in the sense of ME that they fail to see the inherent good that is in front of them. It is one thing to be kind, generous, and respectful in your everyday life (without aching for approval) and wanting to add that grace out into the world. It is another to put on that face when it suits you at work, church, social event, or anywhere else where the root motivation is not genuine. For example, I am sure that you have witnessed that insanely irresponsible driver that did something crazy in their KILLING MACHINE yet outside their vehicle they probably put on another face. Their actions while driving are a true representation of the type of person they are.

So, it is my goal to continually live in gratitude and appreciate the good things whether big or small. Would you like to join me?

Til next time,


Friday, February 6, 2015


Is it the reflection that I am denying
The process of counting to myself quietly...1,2,3
I know the point is to shock the sense back into me
But still I try to deny it
The mirror broken to deny a reflection?
Is it the halo I see half hidden
The goodness stuck in between the then and now
And the bliss that was promised
Yet never delivered to me

Is it enough that I said no
Hearing the obviously stark contrasts
That bulldozed another way out
Yet I still refused to follow

Is my reflection something that you recognize
A hazy version of the person I profess to be
Or is it just the mirror image
Of another face I now choose for you to see

Til next time,


Removing Barriers to RECLAIM Your Sense of Self!

Hello Luvs,

A Peaceful hope for you.
Wow....has it been quite a week! I found myself at my wits end and barely staying above water. Lately I have had the strong need to move toward a vision of where I believe my life should be headed. Striving to express myself in ways I have yet to even discover. I am not talking about white picket fences and a house with a certain amount of square footage. I am speaking about being in a place where you continue to grow and reach you potential best self.

Why did I feel such a need? Well, I have been struggling with a situation that had been a barrier to really getting out there and reaching for my goals. It is heartening in a way to know that there are many who go through what I was/am going through. I am not alone in this! So, last night the Hubster and I had a discussion about the sitaution and decided that the negatives far outweighed the positives. I made the first step to remove the barrier this morning. Guess what happened? New opportunities started to immediately come my way. It was as if I was in a chokehold  and I removed that chain.

How do we change our circumstances to make things better for us as a person? It differs for each person and taking some time for self-reflection is essential. We have to decide what it is that makes us stay when we know we should go. My heart and soul feels lighter, and I know this was the best decision I could have made for my family, my future, and my well being.

When you experience different negative sitautions you can learn from them and still MOVE ON. Choosing to take a healthy step away is the first in the many ways you can lift yourself back up and continue on.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Til next time,