Saturday, January 31, 2015


The whispers are no longer background noise 
They are the compass that guide my thoughts
If I need to know which way to sway
Left, right, or turn around
They raise the stakes and consequence

The whispers I know have always been there
Saying...what are you thinking
Your piece of mind is not a commodity to be bought and sold
All for the sake of saying.... they told me so
Because they did

The whispers that guide the words I sing and write
Longing to make a connection from what was to what will be
I know this to be matter how I try to deny it
Turning my head and plugging my ears
The simple fact that I REALLY  know the why

These whispers will not be silenced
For I have so much more to say
To keep denying why I feel the need
To deny my voice once again
Gagged by own hand

No longer will I ignore those whispers which have become pleas
I will listen with an open heart
Because to silence them over and over
Will leave me drowing in self-doubt
Never letting my true potential see the light of day

Done with done with it

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