Monday, January 19, 2015

What do our friends say about us?

Hello Luvs,

It has been a long while since I posted a blog. As we all know, many things can interrupt our best laid plans. However, it is ultimately up to us what we make a priority. So I really have NO EXCUSE  for being away so long. There have been many things that I have needed to express and this blog is my way of doing just that.

What thought(s) are weighing/screaming their way to the forefront of my mind? Well, I met up with a dear friend over the weekend and it reminded me that I do have people in my life who care about me unconditionally. There is no agenda or judgement. Just feeling the joy of being in this friends presence rejuvanated me and made me take another look at what I consider a friend to be.

Lovely Laura!
Just like an amazing bag, rockin' shoes, or hairstyle that blasts to the world our individuality a friend can show US what we value most. Am I comparing these relationships to accessories and/or stlye choices? Well, in a way I am. They can really make a difference in regard to our self-esteem and the adventures we embark on without reserve.

Unlike family, our friends are a choice we make. Whether you pick your friends to help you climb the social ladder or surround yourself with others that share common interests it does say something. It can even become a way to show how you see (or do not see) the differences in color or social standing. I have never gone about picking my friends by a matter of fact they are a blend of different nationalities and shades. In regard to social standing...if you are not a kind person no matter how rich or well connected you are I will self-sabotage the relationship because my heart will ALWAYS know that it is not a good idea. What drew me to each of my friends was their passion for life and embracing all that there was to offer in terms of adventure and joy. If not that, than of course our love of music brought us into each others orbit. Did I make some colossal mistakes...YES! But all in all the friends I have made are the ones where no matter how long it has been, when I speak with them no time has passed. I know others who have had the same experience. It says a lot when you can do that.

So, what do your friends say about you? Are they a means to an end, or are they your sounding board? Do you share the same crazy sense of style, or do they encourage you to make bold fashion choices in which they live vicariously through you? Is it your sister, or is it someone you have known since kindergarten who has seen you at your very worst and is still there for you cheering you on because they want the best for you? They could easily be most of these things to you. 

Treasure the people that help and encourage you to grow while being a safety net when you fall. Because when it comes down to it, if they do this for you, you are richer than you know.

Til next time,


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