Saturday, January 31, 2015


The whispers are no longer background noise 
They are the compass that guide my thoughts
If I need to know which way to sway
Left, right, or turn around
They raise the stakes and consequence

The whispers I know have always been there
Saying...what are you thinking
Your piece of mind is not a commodity to be bought and sold
All for the sake of saying.... they told me so
Because they did

The whispers that guide the words I sing and write
Longing to make a connection from what was to what will be
I know this to be matter how I try to deny it
Turning my head and plugging my ears
The simple fact that I REALLY  know the why

These whispers will not be silenced
For I have so much more to say
To keep denying why I feel the need
To deny my voice once again
Gagged by own hand

No longer will I ignore those whispers which have become pleas
I will listen with an open heart
Because to silence them over and over
Will leave me drowing in self-doubt
Never letting my true potential see the light of day

Done with done with it

Friday, January 30, 2015

When I Close My Eyes.....

When I close my eyes I no longer see darkness
I see the smile that you gave me
All the colors that a beating heart can muster
It is not just that you opened up
You etched each intention with words that left no mark
But instead spoke of the possibilities

When I close my eyes I no longer feel that sense of empty
But instead the clear path that begins a journey
Not looking for an easy way to claim my stake
And remembering that I am no longer being lead
I AM the flash of light at its brightest
When somethings needed to show the way

When I close my eyes I think of you and me and others in need
Of a voice that does not judge
That  screams the words...YOU CAN!
YOU can be what you dreamed when YOUR eyes were closed 
You being you, and me being me ...not fitting into a particular mode
Thats makes it easier to be forgotten

When I close my eyes, when I close my eyes
It is my soul that now guides me
And yes, I will follow it no matter where it leads

Thinking this might be a regular Friday thing? What do you think? I would love it if you left a comment!

Til next time,


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Be Inspired....!

Happy Wednesday Luvs,

My thoughts this week seemed to continually come back to what brings me inspiration. I was not aware that it was a need for me this week until the moment I felt a sense of awe brought about by a very talented person I know. Of course there are other things that bring joy and a push to do more and/or do things better. On a daily basis my children blow me away with what they know and their thirst for life. It will bring me nothing but happiness to witness them grow into the passionate adults that I know they will be.

This one I have seen  in person!

So, back to this TALENTED person I have the pleasure of knowing. His name is Tarish Pipkins, and he is a puppeteer, rapper, and graphic artist. I say that he inspires because what he designs, creates, builds, and orchestrates is nothing short of miraculous. There are people whose passion for their art comes screaming out from their work. He is one of those people. If you don't believe me then I urge you to click on one of the links below. Go ahead (and after you have been blown away!) follow him. Trust will want to! There are huge opportunities coming his way and they could not happen to a nicer person. We have spoken about collaborating and hopefully it will happen soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Painting done by his puppet artista!
By witnessing just how talented he is and feeling the need to have that same satisfaction I have once again returned to working on my children's album. I have three songs and two more aching to get out. Yay!

What inspires you? Is it food, an artist and/or musician, your neighbor, or something else? I would love to know. Please leave a comment below so we can keep the conversation going.

Til next time,



Sunday, January 25, 2015

It is not what you say, but rather how you say it?

Happy Sunday Luvs,

I hope you were blissful throughout this past week. The message of this post was what I awoke to today. After having a phone converstation yesterday I started to think about whether or not the above saying is true. I do believe that in some ways it is, however I also TRULY believe that most of the time it is lacking in appropriateness. You can say the most biting words in a sickly sweet way. I am sure a lot of you can relate to what I just said because someone has been sarcatic and cruel (with a smile on their face!) while going for the jugular.

So, instead I say that it does matter what you say AND how you say it. Words can be just as harmful as actions. They can leave a scar that carries on well past when the bruises have healed. This is something that we need to remember when we have something on our mind that is in NO WAY productive but instead simply our way of getting in the last word.

When these thoughts rolled around in my head I came back to just how harmful words can be when they are overheard by young minds. When born we have no preexisting prejudices or slanted points of view. It is conditioning from the world around us (or sadly in the home we were rasied in) that sets these thoughts in motion. Pointing out another individuals color of skin, economic standing, or attractiveness is a behaviour that is learned. When we as adults put something out there...for example....speak about someones style of dress, hoopty (older damaged car), or size of clothing (because they are on the heavier side) we are not making the world a better place. Instead we showing our own insecurities. When did it become ok to prop ourselves up by breaking another down. We do not walk in their shoes. When speaking about what they have or don't have we have no inkling of how it came to be. If they have a scar or disfigurement do we show empathy? When they live in a smaller house/apartment or drive an older car do we truly know why? Maybe they do not care one iota about a large house and that car is just fine with them. They do not value their worth by possessions. However there are a lot of people who have an existence that was brought about by divorce, medical emergencies, disabilities, loss of job, or psycholoigical issues to just name a few. Are we to turn our backs to them (or even more troubling) and say negative things that we have no business saying?

What saddens me is the thought of individuals that were once in the same position as their fellow Human Beings, but once they started doing better began to speak down to others. They quickly forget that they were once in a place of economic poverty or did not feel their best physcially. Don't forget about those who have never had to worry about money and are attractive who share no vein if understanding. What does it say about these people who use negative words to make themselves feel better. Do they know they are doing so? If they do, how can they possibly justify their actions and/or words?

So what can we do to ensure that we are putting our best selves forward? Think about the reason for our negativity before we spout out sentiment that does more harm than good. When witnessing this from others call them on it, or at the very least remove yourself from their presence or circle. If you are comfortable enough what would be even better would be to have an open dialogue regarding why they said it and what made them take that stance. Both of you could be the better for it!

Til next time,


Monday, January 19, 2015

What do our friends say about us?

Hello Luvs,

It has been a long while since I posted a blog. As we all know, many things can interrupt our best laid plans. However, it is ultimately up to us what we make a priority. So I really have NO EXCUSE  for being away so long. There have been many things that I have needed to express and this blog is my way of doing just that.

What thought(s) are weighing/screaming their way to the forefront of my mind? Well, I met up with a dear friend over the weekend and it reminded me that I do have people in my life who care about me unconditionally. There is no agenda or judgement. Just feeling the joy of being in this friends presence rejuvanated me and made me take another look at what I consider a friend to be.

Lovely Laura!
Just like an amazing bag, rockin' shoes, or hairstyle that blasts to the world our individuality a friend can show US what we value most. Am I comparing these relationships to accessories and/or stlye choices? Well, in a way I am. They can really make a difference in regard to our self-esteem and the adventures we embark on without reserve.

Unlike family, our friends are a choice we make. Whether you pick your friends to help you climb the social ladder or surround yourself with others that share common interests it does say something. It can even become a way to show how you see (or do not see) the differences in color or social standing. I have never gone about picking my friends by a matter of fact they are a blend of different nationalities and shades. In regard to social standing...if you are not a kind person no matter how rich or well connected you are I will self-sabotage the relationship because my heart will ALWAYS know that it is not a good idea. What drew me to each of my friends was their passion for life and embracing all that there was to offer in terms of adventure and joy. If not that, than of course our love of music brought us into each others orbit. Did I make some colossal mistakes...YES! But all in all the friends I have made are the ones where no matter how long it has been, when I speak with them no time has passed. I know others who have had the same experience. It says a lot when you can do that.

So, what do your friends say about you? Are they a means to an end, or are they your sounding board? Do you share the same crazy sense of style, or do they encourage you to make bold fashion choices in which they live vicariously through you? Is it your sister, or is it someone you have known since kindergarten who has seen you at your very worst and is still there for you cheering you on because they want the best for you? They could easily be most of these things to you. 

Treasure the people that help and encourage you to grow while being a safety net when you fall. Because when it comes down to it, if they do this for you, you are richer than you know.

Til next time,