Monday, April 15, 2013

Can YOU say Green...!?!

Hello Luvs,

Here is the newest installment of my blog/vlog series "How Do I Style This...?". I was going to try to make them all within two minutes but I have made an executive (haha....did ya buy that?) decision to make them concise but maybe......occasionally.......over two minutes.

I know there are a lot of you that have that bright/colorful/abstract/lightweight jacket in your closet. You love it and think it's fun, but you just do not know what to wear it with. My first item that I took on is a bright green gem of a short jacket. It's silhouette looks good on ANYONE, and because it's lightweight it is perfect for the slightly chilly spring morning and/or evening. Having one like this in your wardrobe for spring (if you don't already) is essential and now you will have three ideas of just what to style it with! YAY...!

Til next time,


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  1. Kat! You're back! :) 1st of all....LOVE your hair! So chic! You look wonderful! I have that same jacket and you have given me some great options for styling it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Luv.....occassionally I need a do over with the hair. Watched some of my oldrler videos and I kinda miss the pompadour...

  3. Love the jacket and the options you gave for it. Would wear any of those in a heart beat! Am so glad your back. And I do love your new hair, looks great with those large hoops!

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback! It is always difficult to put yourself out there. To receive these WONDERFUL comments makes my day...!