Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Promos....ONE Location!

Hello and Happy Wednesday,

I wanted to drop a quick note about the promos that I will doing this month at my Etsy shop. They are really exciting ways to own a pair of amazing shoes, and also a way to give back.

The first is featuring all the designer shoes (Ferragamo and YSL among others!) that I carry at my shop ( Throughout  the month of August, when you purchase a pair of shoes (or more, if it strikes your fancy) you will receive 25% off. The prices are already reduced on-site so there is nothing to figure out...!  This promotion is only for August, so make sure that you take advantage!

Front entrance to the shelter.
The second promo is even closer to my heart. Each month I will pick a local organization that will receive a portion of the shops sales. This month I have chosen a place that we have a history with. It is a local shelter that is a Non-Profit NO KILL organization. This wonderful place is the largest No-Kill shelter in New Mexico. It is located in Rio Rancho, and happens to be where we found our Bombay Velvet. She is amazing, and has been an awesome addition to the family. They came to have her because she was left at the front door of a pet shop with her kittens. At first, when we had her solely inside, she was quite frankly miserable. When we relocated to our current home we let her go outside and oh boy is she happy!
Our Velvet...!

I have chosen to donate 10% of the shops sales this month. The name of the shelter is Watermelon Mountain Ranch, and has been around for quite a long time. Here is the link ( just in case you would like to find out all the different ways in which you can help. There is always something, whether it is your time and/or a monetary donation, either will help them tremendously. So, when you make a purchase at the shop I will donate 10% of your purchase price (minus shipping cost) to the shelter. At the end of the month I will let you know the total amount I will be donating. Visit the shop ( to get the coupon code.

Well, there ya go! Exciting stuff!!! I hope that you will visit the shop and help me to make a difference for an organization that is ALREADY a champion for animal rights!

Til next time,


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