Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Majestic Views from the Sandia Tram...

Happy Wednesday Luvs,
I am a sucker for mountains and clouds!

And we're off!
Special panda nails for baby Girl!

Well, Baby Girl and Boy have traveled to visit family for two weeks by themselves.  Kinda freakin' out because I have NEVER been away from them for that long. I had the kids with me for three weeks when I went to California to visit my side of the family, but this is the first time that both kids have gone anywhere without both us. Huge deal!!!  Hopefully, we can get a lot accomplished while they are away and be ready to take on our next adventure when they return.

My blog today is actually about the excursion that Baby Girl and I did on Monday. One of her last requests was to go up the Sandia Tram.  She was scheduled to go up with her school, but because it was too windy it was cancelled.  I have lots of pictures that show just how BEAUTIFUL and BREATHTAKING the views are while taking this amazing trip.

Pure Beauty...!

As far as the eye can see....
Lots of green!!!

Baby Girl LOVES her fossils...!

Does this cloud remind you of a certain spaceship?

The view outside the information center.
The tree on high...

You have to wait until these wheels stop completely BEFORE you can enter or exit the  cars.

The cool red staircase leading down to he chair lifts.

Gotta LUV ladybugs!

Good-bye....thanks for having us!
Just us...and our shadow...!

Because of all the pics, I have attached the link to their official site so that you may learn about this amazing ski peak and tram. The height was insane but that made it all the more surreal.  Taking off I had a daughter who was attached around my waist, but after two minutes, she was commenting on just what a wonder it was and that she was glad that we came.

It was a great day, with my wonderful girl!

Til next time,


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