Saturday, August 11, 2012

Look of the Day....80's Dress in The House!

Happy Friday,

Well, yesterday I had no problem deciding what to wear to my consulting gig. I have this 80s dress that is quite simply....SASSY! It is black w/ super wide shoulder pads, a peplum skirt, three buttons up the back, and fits my silhouette so well. With me not being such a great seamstress (I can't lie to ya') I shortened it and guess what...,it actually looks good! So, yes, I did show off a bit of leg today. I paired it with some red bakelite/catalin bangles, Seventies red leather belt, diamond studs, and my black gladiator sandals. Super easy look to put together that easily delivers a bang. 

Before I sign off, I have added a picture of a friend of mine Amy Davis. She is an actress, illustrator, and musician among other things and she is....FIERCE! I hope to do an interview with her and share just how much of a dynamo she is! She came into the business where I consult with her Hubby Jon, and it made my day. So, enjoy the added bonus!

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