Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What does it mean to YOU to Pay It Forward?

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Joyful day!!! Dress scored from @pussycatvintage!
I've had several people recently who have been shining examples of practicing random acts of kindness.  They have given of themselves in a way that TRULY shows heart.  They've been both generous and kind in ways that they probably don't realize.  It's funny because recently I have been losing my faith in the goodness of others.  I have always been the optimist in the group, but over the last couple of years, my faith in others has been tested.

So, when deciding what to write about today, I faced a quandary. Should I write about fashion, music, or should I talk about what I think about human nature.  I had started to believe that most people have their eye on what the money payoff is for them.  Not the betterment of mankind, but are remaining focused on what the financial result is. Or, it's a case of what's in it for me? It doesn't affect me, so why should I bother to get involved

Flowers are ALWAYS calming...!
If you have read some of my earlier posts, you know by now that I have a village mentality.  I believe in my heart that we will not do well as a people if there are others who are considered less than. As long as there are others who are struggling, there is no way we all can raise ourselves up to a higher level. There is NO WEAK LINK! Now I know that there ARE others who feel that same way! HALLELUJAH!!!

You might wonder how I practice what I preach?  Whenever possible, I try to practice random acts of kindness.  Sometimes they are little things, other times they are things that can actually make a difference.  It blows me away when I see others practicing the same frame of mind.  It makes my heart happy and solidifies my belief that ultimately there is good in man. Goodness in Man, Woman, Humans...wherever you want to place it!

So, my question to you is...What does it mean to you to pay it forward?  If you are not sure, step forward and try to actually try it!?!

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