Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy Day Loungewear!

Sans make-up...!
Happy Monday,

Well, today was overcast and cooler!!!! YAY! It was a welcome change from the weather that we have been having.  Because of the weather, it was a perfect day to stay home and get some things done. We have started to list (and sell!) things on craigslist so being home was handy.  Over the next few weeks we plan to sell EVERYTHING so that we may start fresh.  Recycled will be the game plan so I will be picking up vintage (green) items wherever we land.

So, I digress...! I chose to wear an ultra comfy long creme dress so that I had freedom to do what needed to be done.  Would some say I'm overdressed? Maybe, but I was comfortable the whole day and it worked for me.

The dress has three layers of fabric with the bodice covered by a lace overlay that is also on the straps. It features a square front and back, and is the perfect length for my height. Made by SAMAX (New York since 1919) in the mid to late sixties, and it fits perfectly with the bohemian chic that you would picture Nicole Ritchie wearing. It has been a dream dress that I can just throw on and rock with ease. Jewelry was kept simple with diamond studs and my wedding band.  And last but not least, no make-up.

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