Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Saturday at the Placitas Flea Market...

Happy Sunday Luvs,

I hope that your weekend is going well.  I will hopefully have an additional blog or video up later today, but I wanted to start with sharing how my day went yesterday at the Placitas Flea.

Gorgeous crocheted shell...SOLD!
The day started off really well.  The Hubster and I were able to fit all of my various items (forgot to take time!) into the Civic, so I did not have to wake up the kids early on a Saturday.  I managed to be there in time to rent a tent cover (which go fast) from the Library volunteer who sets them up. Luckily, as soon as I stepped out of my car, a parent whom I know from the kiddos' elementary  school was there, and offered her two wonderful children (18 and 13?) to help me unload. Big thanks Mary!!!!!

I started my unloading, and set up my space to resemble an actual boutique. I brought along rolling racks, half body forms, and fixtures to enable me to do so.  As soon as I was half way unloaded, people started coming in. I was so excited, because I read this as a good sign.  Unfortunately, it took a little while to make my first sale. I believe that customers thinking that things might be too small was part of the reason. Once I got them in the booth and showed them that I had a great size range, it was much easier.

Sharif Cross-body...SOLD!

I met so many nice people during the day. The vendor next to me was especially sweet.  She was selling pins, pot holders, and flattened bottles (fired in a kiln) that had specially made knives that were used for bread and/or cheese boards.  We had wonderful conversations throughout the day.  I encouraged her to open an Etsy shop.  We'll see if she does!

So, how did my day go as far as sales?  I did OK. I came in just below my goal after expenses. It seemed as if most people were looking for housewares. I brought a few pieces and most of them sold rather quickly. I also sold several items that were listed on my Etsy shop, with a couple of them being consigned pieces.  So that was a good thing.

It was a great day overall until around 2 (the flea is supposed to be from 8 until 4).  The volunteers decided that they were leaving, and wanted to take my tent!  I had actually paid for the rental and had my rolling racks anchored to them, so needless to say, I was not happy that they wanted to take it BEFORE the flea market was even over.  Placitas during this time of year has strong wind gusts, and if I had no tent as an anchor, then they would most likely blow over (like they did last time) and damage my items.  I let them know that I needed the tent longer and this DID NOT go well! After a few minutes, the head volunteer came over to tell me how it was going to be.  How do you think I handled that?  I was dumbfounded.  I appreciate that they volunteer, don't get me wrong, but I paid for it through the day and was not happy. I called Josh (AKA Hubster) and vented, then decided that I would speak with the main coordinator and ask for a partial refund.  After my conversation with this gentleman (and I use this term lightly), I decided that speaking with him again would not do any good. What added to my frustration was the fact that lots of new potential customers came to buy when I was 85% packed up. This means that I lost out on revenue! What do you think? Should I not be happy about this? Would you be?
Accordion pleated skirt...SOLD!

That was my main hiccup.  I really had a great day overall, as I caught up with friends who were wandering through, which was amazing! I also met a darling couple (in which the husband grew up in Liberia) who helped me load the car, told me funny stories,  and actually surprised me with a Stewart's Black Cherry soda that ended my day.  Random acts of kindness like that are what remind me of the goodness of my Fellow Human Beings. Definitely put a smile back on my face!

So, will I do this again? Maybe....I will let you know.  Flea Markets are a great way to sell things that are cluttering your house and/or garage or your vintage wares!

Til next time,



  1. Am glad the day went fairly well until the tent thing. Jeez . . . can't believe that happened to you and that there was no resolution besides them taking the tent! If the time is 4:00, then 4:00 it should be whether they are volunteers or no. Love looking at what sold - can definitely see why they did!

  2. Thank you for that! I am not going to just let it go. I left a message with the main coordinator and I am positive that they will make amends. I've done a lot of activities and helped out in regard to the library. I know it will turn out ok.