Friday, July 13, 2012

Look of the Day....Friday the 13th...!

Hello Again,

Luv the colors!
Great shot of the earrings...!
Here's the back...
I wanted to put up my look of the day!  It is a floor-length dress from the late sixties/early seventies by the designer Tori Richard for Liberty House. With DIVINE orange and yellow (along with warm colors) it is a real head turner!  It has a square front and back, and also has a strap that buckles across the back. It is so comfy!!! To see it in all it's glory,visit my shop (KatsMoeww) on Etsy.

I have it listed currently (, and is available for purchase. This month, because of our relocation, enter the coupon code KM25SALE and get 25% off this dress and/or any other items in the shop. 

The earrings will be coming to the shop shortly. The watch is a Bulova from the fifties, and will be stayin' with me for the time being. Happy Shopping...!

The shoulders are divine!!!
Til next time,

What do you think of the hair?

Once again, the eyes have it!


  1. Your blog is so well done, so beautiful! And that's a fab dress with a beautiful model!

  2. Thank you Luv...I appreciate that positive feedback!