Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hope for Humanity...

Hello Again,

I know, it did not take me too long to decide that I needed to do another blog today.  I was going to sing something, but because of today's events, I have chosen to take a more somber route.  Writing about all the wonderful things in life (music, fashion, and food among other things) is a privilege, but sometimes there is something more that is pulling at your heart.

Throughout our lives, we will all probably have tests that some say build our character. They shape us into the people that we will eventually become.  There are those of us who have lost a parent (sometimes as heartbreaking as it seems... both!). We feel the part that is missing at different times, and for different reasons. Sometimes, we act out in ways that are unhealthy, and other times we use that as a beacon toward how we would like our lives to be different.

Give THIS to others!
The difference for me is the parachute.  Some people have a parachute there to catch them before they fall.  There are others who not only have a parachute, but that parachute is golden.  The bad things in life that would break others, never seem to touch them. Why do they have this when others do not?  It baffles me! The reason why it perplexes me is because EVERYONE is deserving of a life that brings them joy (their parachute).  If you add to society, and work for the betterment of those around you...you should be blessed.  It doesn't usually happen that way.  There are those that cannot relate because they have not had that experience.  That is NO EXCUSE! You do not have to experience loss (in any way shape or form) to emphasize with a person who is hurting.  It ultimately takes looking outside yourself.

Let this ring true for all!
I hope that my rant is read for what it is.  An open frustration letter regarding how there are people who are lacking when there is abundance all around.  How some are losing their houses, cars, and/or jobs even though they have worked hard for those things. They have something come along that is outside their control, and it destroys all that they have built. Then they have vultures all around them who say, "Pull yourself up by your boot straps!" Without any feeling or compassion they take these things away. Can someone explain this to me? Because my heart is breaking for myself and all the others who experience health, financial, and personal loss (or all three).

Til next time...LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE! 


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