Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Lazy day.....!

The full dress...!
Hello Luvs,

I am still debating whether or not to make today a Two for Tuesday, and maybe add another blog later? Ya never know! But for now, I will be offering my look for today. Right after I wax philosophical..... 

Features a wonderful neckline.
Today is a day when I have felt that the wind has the possibility of bringing with it a wonderful change. It has an air (literally) of peace and calm.  Along with the feeling that there is something around the corner.  Have you ever felt that way? That the breeze carries magic with it. You keep in your heart the hope of ALL THINGS POSSIBLE, and this wind represents just that. It helps me remember back to when I was a child, and I was riding my bike to a cousin's or friend's, and the wind in my face made me feel that something exciting was awaiting my arrival.  I have that feeling today. Now, for that to come to fruition...OH JOY that will be! OK...that bubble was just burst by the Hubster. SIGH.....!!!

Yeah, I know, the last two days have been made up of simple attire, with a dress doing all the talking.  Well, that is how the day has come about, simple and without fanfare.  It is the way I dress when just hanging around the house.
My nifty alteration!!!

My favorite tattoo out of the four.
I chose a red and white polka-dot dress with medium width straps. It is from the sixties, and is wonderfully comfortable. I altered it because it is a little too big.  I added two white buttons on each side to make the cinching more eye pleasing. The jewelry was left on the counter, along with any make-up.  I spared you the sans make-up shot today! My best accessory is my tattoo that was fine tuned and inked by an artist in San Francisco, and is based on the artwork from one of my fav books African Sleeping Sickness.

Til next time,


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