Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When did I first fall in LOVE with ALL things VINTAGE???

Hello Lovers of History,

What's not to love about this!?!
When debating what to write about today, I had a few questions rolling around in my head. The first was, what designer did I think of first as a true trailblazer and inspirational figure.  Then I started thinking about the screen icon who represented what I love about vintage most (there are current actresses and musicians who currently wear vintage SO well!). Lastly, what really made me feel that vintage fit a woman's silhouette best.  After thinking about this for a while, I had to ask myself.....When and/or why did I fall into a deep appreciation with ALL THINGS VINTAGE?!?

OH SO SASSY...Rita Moreno...!
Well, since I was a young girl, I had a fascination with old musicals.  I was glued to the television set and would not register a sound or action that was going on around me.  They would run these old movies on channel 5 I believe, and whenever they were on, you could find me sitting dead center watching them.  I LOVED (cannot emphasize this enough!) Doris Day films, My Fair Lady, Gigi, West side Story, Tammy (and her various heartthrobs!), Bye-Bye Birdie, Breakfast at Tiffany's and others that seamlessly intertwined song, dance and/or FAB fashion.  So, I guess films were the first avenue through which I became enthralled.  I loved the was they dressed,including their shoes, hair, make-up (which I love to emulate even still...down to the wonderful red lips), and attitude.

Probably one of the most emulated looks.
During my teen years, I steered away from this passion because I was a shy girl (up until high school) and wanted to feel like I was part of what was going on around me.  I was bookish (which not only increased my vocabulary, but allowed me to escape my circumstance and experience other places), and dressing in the current trends allowed me to be part of something that even today I don't understand. Not having money made it where I had to be creative with how I accomplished this...and might I say IT WASN'T EASY!  If I could speak to the girl I was, I would encourage her to be herself and hold true to the original that she is. Alas, you cannot go back in time! So, hopefully I am a good example to my daughter of not trying to fit in the square peg that society would try to force us into. That allows me to feel that it was a true lesson learned.

Eye make-up and THE wink...;-)
History WITHIN a film!
In my late teens, I moved down to Orange County, California, and that was where I started incorporating vintage into my wardrobe.  I was in an all girl band and we rocked our bell-bottoms, halters, hats, shoes, and crocheted bikinis. I have since been embracing other decades (not just the 60s).  It was beginning to be the time of my life, and I was really living it.  I was no longer the example (especially with my family) of someone who is just TOO DIFFERENT. I was finding my identity. I was expressing the part of me that was an old soul and felt that these gems that were so well made, and carried with them their own history, really needed to be showcased. So, I have deduced that I started my love affair around seven and rediscovered it before the age of twenty. I am sure that you were waiting with baited breath for that!!!

I will tell you more about my wonderful adventures during this time at a later date....!

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