Sunday, June 17, 2012

What today means to me...

Hello Luvs,

May all Fathers recline all year!
I want to start off by saying Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! I have always believed that celebrating a person on one specific day is nonsense. However, for those of us with a schedule that has to remind us which way is helps to have a gentle (that is me being facetious...these holidays are marketed with sledgehammers!) reminder.

My life right now (even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed just like MANY others) is blessed.  I am on a parenting journey with a Husband whose first priority is his children.  Making sure they know how much he loves them and how much they mean to him.  He is also focused on them being outstanding Human Beings and to find their passions.  I am very lucky is this way! And yes, even though I might not ALWAYS show it.....I appreciate the father who he is. But, I would not have appreciated just how wonderful he is in this moment without the life experience that I have had in the past.

Speaking from my past perspective, it has always been a rough day for me. I lost my dad from a fluke motorcycle accident when I was nine. It was especially hard for me because I thought that my dad hung the moon and the stars in the sky. They called me "Champ's shadow" and I definitely earned that nickname. His name was Champ Leonard Thaxton. He was larger than life, and strutted around with his boots, leather vest, and numerous items hanging from his belt. I would follow him around while he was fixing a car or something else very manly. Now, as an adult I have a different understanding of the man he was then.  When you are a child you want to believe that the adults in your life are infallible, but most of us find out once we are older that they are just as "Human" as we are.  They were young adults with their own dreams for their lives.  Things happen, and they deal with it the best they can. How I know specifically he had his demons is a long story that I will save for another time.

Growing up without a father is a hard road.  Some lose theirs through death, abandonment, or never even knew who their father is/was.  It is a rough time for single mothers who are trying to make sure that their children have the very best that they can provide.  This is not a situation that has a color line, even thought many would try to say it does. You look for a male role model in the wrong places.  For some, it doesn't end well. For me, I saw a way not to repeat things that I felt would not bode well for me down the road.  Who's to say how or why we make the choices we do.

I know this is a little different than the regular blog that I offer up.  This gives you an insight into what helped form me into the Woman who I am today. With all the positive thinking and sunny outlook, I had to make a conscious decision to steer my life in that direction.  Toward the light and possibilities versus the poor me stance.  This same light and possibilities that my father once had.  I am grateful that he was here...for without HIM there would be no ME!

Til next time,



  1. Very touching post, Kat! :)

    1. means more than you know that you are ALWAYS so supportive!!