Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What makes the PERFECT scrambled eggs?

I have always made scrambled eggs a certain way. I would use a medium bowl, put in eggs, salt, pepper, garlic, a little milk, and whisk. Sometimes I would add veggies and/or chesse (sometimes both!) early on. My eggs were always considered delicious! At least, that was what I was told....and of course I CHOSE to believe them!

Well, then the Hubster comes across a video of Gordon Ramsey's where he demonstrates how to make his so called "PERFECT SCRAMBLED EGGS!" and I was simply blown away. I had no idea that there was a different way to do eggs that make them even more fluffy, creamy, and straight out DELISH!!

The Final Result! YUM!!!
So, how do you make your scrambled eggs? Do you approach it the same way that I do? Or, do you have the Ramsey approach and/or recipe. That is the question....I would love it if you left a comment about your "Dream" scrambled eggs in the comment section. 

I have attached the link below for Mr Ramsey's video. I will tell you right now that your mouth WILL be watering, and you might say to yourself....I NEVER KNEW! 


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