Friday, June 8, 2012

What does GREEN mean to you?

Here in New Mexico!
Today when thinking about what to write about, I was inspired by my trainride to and from Santa Fe. Seeing all the green we rode past was truly awe inspiring and made me feel blessed. I began to wonder about what this green (mood or values) meant to others. 

The ALL MIGHTY dollar...
Different people think of different things when they visualize the color green. To some, it means the color of money. Thinking always of the bottom line, and what it means to them in regard to cash reward. Being driven to collect as much as possible in order to buy, save, donate (which is a VERY good thing!), or simply bury in the back yard. 

This should be green...but you get the meaning?
Others think about the feeling of envy. The feeling that they have when someone has something that they want. They want it and they HAVE to have it. Sometimes it becomes a wish for the future, other times it is their goal before they die. They might be regretful and constantly imagine the "what ifs". Never truly living in the moment because they are continually living I the past. 

Awww, the picturesque meadow.
Could you imagine if what we all, as a whole, thought of the green that embraces the planet and the Beings that inhabit it? We could visualize beautiful tress, green green grass, and expansive meadows in which to roll around and hide in. This green takes more than one person to accomplish it. It involves removing the "me" factor, and replacing it with "we". Being part of a worldwide village that believes that we are only successful when we are all standing together as a united front, in order to bring about true beauty. Beauty that signifies kindness, love, respect, humor, forgiveness, humility, and most of all appreciation. Appreciation for what we have and for what can be. 
You and me...WE!

Enough with the heaviness! 

Til next time, 


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