Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nothing like treasure hunting for Fab items....!

LUV all the textures and colors!
Today was about two things.....making sure that I am Heart Healthy (which I am!) and going treasure hunting.  The first was on the schedule but the second was an added surprise.  I had a wardrobe consulting appointment with one of my All-Time FAVORITE clients and we finished up early, so I had  lots of time before my doctors appointment.  This left an hour to stop by my two of my favorite spots to find vintage treasures. Not a lot of time, but we all know that we can do some SERIOUS damage in a small amount of time!

At my first destination I was not finding anything that was interesting, then Shazam...I found three pieces that left my heart (which was not yet cleared) all aflutter. I found this GLORIOUS green Hawaiian print dress from the 70s.  Wait til you see her!  She is truly a wonder and will hopefully be added to the shop tomorrow. 
The second is a red and white gingham accented dress from the 60s.  Boy do I wish this was my size!! Last but not least was a jumper from the 60s with Groovy Psychedelic colors...YAY!
Both bold and understated...

At my second stop, the finds kept coming!  My treasures included a tan linen wiggle dress from the 50s, a polka dot button up dress from the 80s, a clutch that has a detachable outer shell that reverses (between patent leather and velvet!) from the 50s, a peasant top with pleated shoulders from the 60s, and a purple Hawaiian print mini dress from the 60s. 

Wait til you get a close look at this one.

I will hopefully be adding these lovely pieces to the shop ( tomorrow. So, stay tuned...

Til next time,


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