Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My LOVE of Avocado...the color and the fruit!

Happy Summer Solstice Luvs,

Well, it was as hot as the dickens today, and I felt like I was melting. I joke about that, but I really felt like it today...I know my limits People...and TODAY, I was there!  Anyhow, I digress!  I wanted to write to you today about my deep abiding love that I have for avocado, the fruit and the color.  I didn't really start enjoying this culinary sensation until my twenties, so I will begin with the color.

Very similar to mine...except mine was in better condition!
When I moved out from my Mom's house at the age of eighteen, it was the start of my collecting vintage furniture that was primarily avocado in color.  I would mix it with wood, and had pads (you know, the places that you reside!) that screamed another decade.  What decade you ask??? The Sixties, what else!? I had this AWESOME couch that folded out into a sofa bed and boy was it green!  It was very close to brocade in texture but a little less raised and not so hot. It was simple in design and had wooden legs.  That is what got me started on my wood kick.  I found this AMAZING lamp/table combo where the shade had this magical bubble texture and it hooked together in the center by three long metal rods that screwed in. It had a circular table that was about two-thirds of the way down and it was beyond groovy. It was a treasure that I should NEVER have parted with. Everything else (including my Story&Clark upright acoustic piano that I scored at Goodwill for $100) was a dark wood except for my end tables which were bean shaped and white. They kept falling over when you sat something on the smaller end! it was a laugh riot to watch!!!!  Every time someone came was obvious- I LOVE green!  Especially acocado green...!
Now, isn't that GORGEOUS!

So, I relocated to Orange County (Huntington mainly), and I started to go to brunch on a regular basis. I would eat at a specific spot on Main St. and there was this omelet that was to die for! It had three (yes, three!) cheeses and one of the other ingredients was avocados.  They put so much it there that it was almost sinful.  I was hooked.  We never really had avocados while I was growing up so tasting them then was as if I was awakened to this THING that defied all that was expected. The creamy texture ALWAYS brought a smile to my face.  It did even this morning when  Josh made us brunch!!! It is actually food (a fruit, just in case you were wondering) that is a good fat and compliments so many things.  I put it in salad (of course), burritos, tacos, on top of enchiladas, on sandwiches, and the list goes on! I have also eaten it right out of the skin.  If you like guacamole, if you leave the pits in the dip, it will turn brown at a snails pace, if even at all.
My YUMMY meal earlier today!

So, there you have it!  I love it all.  Whether I am devouring it in my meal, or painting my wall with its color. Avocado has, and will always be, one of my FAVORITE things!!!

Til next time,



  1. Fabulous post, Kat! I had an avocado & tomato sandwich for lunch today & adore using the color everywhere in my house!

    1. I tell is one of the things that I could not do without!